Saturday, 9 March 2013

A Little Waffle . . . .

In between  catching up on some domestic chores and preparing to embark on some stock-making, I've been experimenting on some knitted washcloths - just as an experiment in creating different textures, apart from anything else.  I got so frustrated at getting the crochet ones looking nice and square that I turned to knitted version patterns over on Ravelry.  I love the texture of this knitted waffle washcloth - it feels lovely and chunky and soft, and it's an easy knit - you can  find the free pattern here.  I used Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn for both of these ones . . . 

I was delighted how the heart image appeared magically on this one - such  a simple but effective idea.  You can get all sorts of images to try - I liked the sound of the dinosaur one for kiddies, very cute!  The heart pattern is  here.  They're great for a little 'knitty' practice and some 'brain-free' leisurely activity  if you're  watching the  'box' in the evening :)  Both patterns are free on Ravelry - what's not to like??? :D

I'm taking a little break from my blog for the next month while I get down to serious stock-making.  I'll be concentrating on my new designs, most of which I've already shown here, so  now  it's down to making, making and even more making!!

I loved doing an order of my little keyrings this week, so there will be more made of these I'm  sure . . .

The Scottie Dog keyring is a lot of fun to make - sorry for the terrible dark photo - another thing for the 'to do list' - improve my product images!! :)  He is far cuter in 'real-life' though - honest, hehe :)

Well, off I go - remember, I'd seriously recommend the washcloths for a fun quick make if you  need a quick, crafty fix! I'm off to immerse myself in some Harris Tweed for the next few weeks and I also have my eye on some cute fair isle socks.  Darn it, that sock knitting addiction just won't go away LOL :)

Cheerio for the next few weeks - I will see you around Easter time - before or after, I'm not too sure!
Alison xx