Saturday, 23 August 2014

Back into a little routine . . . almost!

Well, where was I now??  Can't remember when I last blogged but at a certain point in the summer holidays I decided just to go with the flow and just enjoy the 'here and now' - so that's what I did :)  Lots of birthday celebrations, family visits and time just flew by! 'Youngest S' has just gone back to school (a little reluctantly of course!) and we've had 'Oldest S' at home all summer after a quite demanding first year at Uni.

In the meantime we've enjoyed a lovely summer with some genuine sunny, hot weather for once and I took to doing some crochet projects and completely shelved doing anything on the sewing machine.

I'm currently working on this crochet bolero made from a series of squares . . . .

I love the colours of this yarn - it's Drops Delight . . .

Each square is lopsided ie. longer at the top than at the bottom, so that when they're all joined up they form a circle.  I love this pattern - it's interesting enough to hold my attention and every square looks different due to the variegated colours.  I have to make about 20 of these squares but I'm not rushing this - it's a 'laid back' enjoyable one - easy to pick up and drop - perfect for right now.

The orange square at the top here is actually made in Noro Kureyon - it was my test square but the colour is lovely.  The other squares look nice and Autumnal though too, so I'm happy with them :)

I also made this over the summer . . .

I'm not sure what I was thinking of  LOL!!  It was a really fun pattern - I chose a pretty bonkers colour (it's actually NEON green!!) and decided to make it a short-sleeved, cropped version of the pattern.  In a creative spur of the moment I added a scallop edge to the sleeves and body . . .

I was quite proud of my 'MODS' (modifications) as they say over on Ravelry!

I'm calling this an experimental piece as I've no idea that I would wear it!  The colour is a bit wrong and it's not quite 'me' but it's my first crochet garment so I'm chuffed with that :) :)  I haven't added my attempt to my Ravelry account yet, I have to take some better pics!

Anyway it was a learning process and I LOVE Doris Chan's design - very funky and fun (beautiful lace work!) :)  I will try this one or another one again sometime (but maybe not in NEON green - ooops!)  (My youngest has stated that I'm NOT allowed to wear it outside of the house, haha!!! - I might stop traffic, but not in a good way!)

I won't be quite back in the crafty/bloggy groove until eldest is back at Uni - don't think I will be able to switch off sufficiently until then.  I'll keep crocheting in the meantime :) :)

Cheerio an Drasda!
Alison x