Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hippy-dippy weekend :)

I'm enjoying just dipping my toe into crafting at the moment.  I'd bookmarked some friendship bracelet books in my Amazon account meaning to buy one (or two!) of my nieces for birthdays or Christmas presents.  However, I'd no idea how to make them myself and didn't want to send the book/kit before testing it out myself.  This is beginning to sound like a very lame excuse to buy a crafting book LOL :)

Anyway, I got a book on Friday from Amazon, which included some embroidery threads, a clipboard thingy, some beads and some lovely patterns for making the bracelets - I was all set!  The book is aimed at children/teenagers with lots of illustrations of kids who look like their attending American Summer Camp, so the terminology is very funny if you're an adult :D

Although it supplied embroidery thread, I have heaps of my own so decided to use that instead (the quality of those included in the book  felt a little cheap).  I also used this website in conjunction with the book, which I found really useful.

Here's my attempts after a couple of days playing around . . . 

From what I know at the moment you only need to learn two knots - a  forward knot and a backward knot - each one has to be repeated twice in order to work.  Quite a sweet little craft though and I imagine it would be a fun thing to do with a youngish or teenage daughter.  HUGELY time consuming to make though so your child would have to have a lot of patience!  Also, although they're deemed quite simple to make - you really have to take time to read the instructions initially to make sense of what you're doing.  For a younger child I think it would be essential to have a vaguely crafty adult around to help.

I learned how to make the skinny one first - candy stripe?  The second one is a chevron design and lovely to make - quite simple once you get the hang of forward /backward knots.  One tip I gleaned from the website is to remember that a forward knot is a little like the shape of a '4' and the backward knot is a little like the letter 'P' visually, if you get my gist.  Always hold the thread you are wrapping around rigid and taut.

The last one I made is the chevron design again but with a border.  The border is made by using a  forward/backward knot so that the thread stays in the same place.   You always have to knot twice - a forward/backward knot is simply knotting first in one direction and then in the opposite direction.

The videos on this website are quite helpful (this is where I picked  up the '4'  and 'P' shape tips!).

Here's the book I used . . . 

One thing is that it's a very cheap craft - all you need is some embroidery threads and something to clip them onto to hold them taut.  I'd use different colours the next time - I used the ones in the book to make it easier to learn and it worked for me.  I can understand the sentiment of making them for your BFF though - they take forever to make, for very special friends only, hehe!

Did you make friendship bracelets in your youth??  
(I don't think it was a Hebridean thing - not enough sunshine maybe LOL )

Alison xx

Monday, 8 July 2013

I was just passing . . . . :D

It seems to have been a month since I've popped by - who knew?  So much going on at the end of the school year and now we're on school holidays,  so everything has slowed right down - me too!

Commercial  crafty work has come to a halt pretty much - trying to juggle everything just becomes too much in the school holidays so I've decided to throw in the towel and just enjoy some creative crafting.  My youngest and I made these yummy white choc chip and raspberry muffins on Saturday - I'd never made muffins before but had bought a cheap muffin tin recently which was waiting to be used!  Here they are . . . 

Sorry, but we ate them all - they were delish :D  I used a recipe from this book which I hugely recommend for kids interested in cooking or baking.  'Little S' got his copy as a present from his very thoughtful Auntie - it's been well used and is really excellent, with great illustrations.  Fantastic for the school holidays :)

I'm just finishing another fair-isle bag - this time for my sister-in-law.  It's  my third version using this pattern - yes, I really do love making them!  Funnily enough I did NOT like the colours for this version,  but she told me she liked purples and pinks, so who was I to argue (and it was a good  excuse to add to my stash of yarn colours, hehe!).  It's gone slower than the last two I've made but I'm now making the chord strap, so I'm on the home stretch thankfully . . . 

Here's a little mosaic of some of the wild flowers in bloom over the last month or so, near my home . . .

Inadvertently, similar colours to the fair isle bag!  Funny that :D

I'll try and pop in over the hols if I've been doing anything vaguely interesting craft-wise - we're all a bit chilled out at the moment, no rush :) :)  Tweedie-work temporarily suspended - ooops!

'Speak' soon
Alison xx