Sunday, 31 August 2008

Tweedy goings-on!

All that technical and internet research which I mentioned in my last blog, must have taken its toll. Last weekend, for whatever reason, I started experimenting with some small pieces of tweed, which resulted in what might be described as 'jewellery' (but only very loosely!).

I love to hand-sew - I decided to hand stitch two circles of Harris Tweed together using blanklet-stitch. Another disc was blanket stitched onto this and eventually I decided to 'embellish' this with some french knots which I've never done before (and this is very obvious!). I haven't done much in the way of embroidery stitches but it's a very rewarding and relaxing pastime.

I love anything which creates texture, particularly where Harris Tweed is concerned as it has such a lovely feel. Here's the disc which I finished with a brass eyelet (courtesy of my O.H. - "other half" who seems to accumulate all sorts of tools/gadgets, etc. for some unknown reason but which comes in very handy sometimes!). That reminds me, I think I was looking into creating some keyrings and was delighted by the addition of the brass eyelet - small things .... etc.

I photographed the disc on top of a small wooden trinket box which seemed to complement it quite well. I didn't have any pink embroidery thread so used ordinary thread instead. It was an interesting exercise and took me back to the basics of sitting down and making something entirely by hand ..... which is always nice!

Other than that, this week - on the advice of a family member, I decided to have a go at designing some 'practical' items! Being a very unpractical person but not someone to turn down a challenge I set to designing a range of home accessories which comprised of: draught excluder, tea-cosy and matching egg-cosy, and the possibility of more to follow .... I thoroughly enjoyed this new challenge, but I won't post the pictures quite yet! I will possibly try them out on some poor unsuspecting passers-by at the next craft fair! (It's a far cry from toy-dinosaurs, but variety is the spice of life?!*).

Cheerio an drasda!

"The reticent blogger"

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Educating Tweed Delights!

Over the last few days I have been educating myself in the ways of Etsy (very cool, fun, site for buying and selling all things handmade) flickr (uploading photos and social networking) and Cuteable (lovely UK blog which supports work of designers/artists/makers of all sorts! ).

This self inflicted crash course has left me completely drained from all things technical, so I probably will not be blogging for a few days while I get back to doing what I really enjoy doing - creating, designing, sewing, cutting, stuffing!

Bye for now - I am going to do some much needed sewing to calm my frayed brain! Here's a photo of the beach at Vatisker, for absolutely no reason whatsoever ..... but it looks nice!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Little Red Harris Tweed Bus

Wow - two posts in one day! Making up for the lack of pics in my earlier post.

Just a quick photo of the little Red Harris Tweed Bus, winding its way round the single track roads of the Western Isles! Should be winding its way onto the website very soon.

Return of the reticent blogger!


Many apologies for my appallingly poor blogging habits! I will blame school holidays for the time being and make a pledge to create more regular posts! I have been surfing the net recently looking at all the fascinating crafts blogs out there - I have a long way to go!

I hope to keep you up to date with some new products to my website coming soon, though. I've been browsing through craft books over the summer for inspiration (and of course relaxation!). So many books, so little time - I will try and list some soon.

If anyone has the magic formula for: running a crafts business, creating and updating a website while "running a family home", AND writing a blog, I would love to hear from you with your tips/comments! ("running a family home" in quotation marks as those looking for a matching pair of socks may dispute this claim!). The last challenge in the list is a work in progress, as you can tell from my infrequent posts!

Hope to add some pics of my "little Red Harris Tweed bus" very soon. Catch a ride to the Outer Hebrides on this squashy, fun bus, coming your way!

Will post some pics very soon!!

From the 'reticent blogger'!