Tuesday, 24 September 2013

It's a Giveaway :)

At last - my promised Scandinavian 'knitty' sample pieces Giveaway!  I showed a little sneaky peak of these knits a little while back - I've now got two completed sample pieces which I used to hone my colour knitting skills (using a colour-block design from 150 Scandinavian Knitting Designs by Mary Jane Mucklestone) .  It seemed a shame not to do anything with them - so why not have a little giveaway I thought :)  . . . 

I've added a chunky little zip to the two sample knits to create a very rustic purse - don't look at the hand-sewing too closely now - ooops!  (they're not lined either - VERY rustic!)  I loved doing this pattern though and while doing it I solved a little query I had with keeping the reverse floats neat and tidy, so thankyou for that, hehe!

As you  can  see there's a red and white one . . .

. . . and a black and grey one . . .

Now you must have spotted my new 'handmade by Tweed Delights' stamp - I'm so excited by my new crafty purchase LOL!  I've been wanting one of these for a long time, and finally this week I decide to go for the plunge - I love it :)  It's made by a wood mounted rubber stamp - using a traditional ink pad.  I really like how each imprint is always going to be a little different . . . 

aren't they fun?,  *sigh * - it's the little things in life that bring so much pleasure, hehe!

Anyhow, I'm giving the two little purses up for grabs in a giveaway - just state which one you would like - red or black.  Make sure you leave a contact e-mail address if you don't have a blog so I can contact you if you win.  I'll post anywhere in the world of course!

These were fun to make while I was making preps for eldest son fleeing the roost and I was very glad to have them as a little distraction amongst all the angst and chaos (my own of course!)

I'll leave the Giveaway open until next Thursday (3rd October) 12 noon.  I'll announce the winner within a couple of days of the closing date.

A little celebration giveaway to mark my return to crafting - well, why not?, it's nice to share :) :)  I'll try and pop some other little goodies in too - I must go and have a rummage for that :D

There are no terms or conditions attached to the Giveaway - just leave a comment - perhaps saying what you would use your little purse for (plus your choice of colour) and keep your fingers crossed!  See you next Thursday - in the meantime I must make some 'tweedie' goodies to attach my new labels to - must dash, byeee :)

Alison xx

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Half an Empty Nest . . . and some handmade love :)

I'm back - if a little (emotionally) ragged around the edges - after accompanying eldest son to his new student life in Glasgow University. We were met at his Halls of Residence by cheery faced and enthusiastic Student Union reps in bright pink t-shirts, who whisked us and our baggage (guitar included) to his new room.  'Have you come far today?' they enquired politely, as we made our way through a warren of corridors and fire-doors - I managed a cheery 'Oh, yes - we're from the Outer Hebrides - quite an early start, the ferry left at 7 am this morning.'  We'd been travelling all day and were thoroughly shattered - ferry, bus and train with an early morning alarm call at 5 am to get us to the ferry in time.  It was now 4.30 pm  - almost 12 hours to get to our destination.

But, we had made it - hurray!  I stayed overnight at a very cosy (if basic!) B&B round the corner from the Halls and spent the next morning having a wee wander around the lovely studenty (is that a word!) area of the West End of Glasgow.

We had a fab weekend (if a little stressful for me at times!) helping him settle into his new student digs, and spending time with my two sisters and nieces who cheered us through the whole process - taking us out on the town, feeding us, ferrying us about, and even giving their bed up for me (thanks Eubha!).  

When all was said and done, I flew back on my ownsome on Sunday afternoon and must admit to feeling a lump in my throat as we hit the runway in Stornoway - Oh my Goodness, what have I done - I've left my child in Glasgow!  Well, I guess that means he's not a child any more :) :) 

While staying with my Sis on Saturday, she showed me this lovely pillow my niece had made for her a few years back - it just sums up everything I love about handmade - every stitch made with care . . . 

. . . what a treasure to keep :)

Well, I guess that's me back on the crafty wagon after a Summer-long absence - it was worth taking the time out though, through this important phase in our lives.  I had a little 'crafty' retail therapy this morning to cheer me up - nothing like it LOL!  I'll update you on that later - I'm quite excited about my purchase.  Also I will post about my Scandinavian knits which I promised to give away very soon - honest!  Back to 'tweedie' business once more :)

Later Gaters!
Alison xx