Monday, 26 July 2010

Tutorial - make a Fabric Luggage Label

Well, it's been some time since my first tutorial (make a 'Musical Note' embroidered badge) and it's probably about time I did another one! My oncoming hols must be inspiring me as this weekend I decided to make a luggage label out of tweed. I must admit I was pleased with the result and it means I have a nice 'masculine-type' freebie to throw in with men's gifts! Although they're perfectly pretty and very unisex too, depending on your choice of fabric. Here's how I made mine:

You will need:

(1) Two pieces of fabric cut to the desired shape of your label (I used a traditional label shape)
(2) some clear plastic vinyl (I used some from an old pvc bag from a child's toy - probably held wooden blocks or something!)
(3)4mm brass eyelets and tool (and hammer!)
(4) jute string or similar
(5) card for address detail
(6) scissors and sewing machine, thread, etc.

Make sure the vinyl you use is nice and strong and pliable - the kind that's used for tent windows, toy packaging, shower curatins, etc - search for 'clear pvc vinyl fabric' (or clear plastic table cover!) online if you've none lying around. Most people with kids will probably lay their hands on some - even an old plastic buggy cover will do!

Sew the two layers of your label shape together a few millimetres in from the edge all round. Cut a piece of vinyl a rectangular shape and place it in position, sew this on top of the double layered label.

You will end up with the two layered label and vinyl sewn on top - leave a gap at the top for your card to slide into.

I left the wrong end open at first - ooops!

Insert your brass eyelet close to the edge and string it with your jute string, ribbon, or whatever you've chosen to use. If you're feeling extra fussy you could cut a half circle shape in the vinyl for easy removal of the card - my 8 year old suggested this tip, that kid will go far, hehe!! I frayed the edges of the fabric to give a nice finish - Voila, instant chic to your luggage!

If the fabric you use is a light weight one you could probably use some interfacing (or a middle layer of felt?) to give it some weight. Good fabrics to use though might be denim, calico or a similar weighty fabric. My labels look very masculine in these darker tweeds but would look very pretty in printed heavy weight cotton, perhaps even upholstery fabric (don't go chopping up your settee covers though!!)

This might be a fun project to do with kids too - customize their own luggage label in their choice of fabric! Go make luggage labels! (This is a free tutorial for anyone to use as they wish, commerical or otherwise)

P.S. As regards eyelet tool and brass eyelets, I used a little set which my Other Half had many, many, years ago, and it works brilliantly - the eyelets I used have little serrated edges, which is necessary with this particular tool.


Florcita said...

They look so classy...well, tweed does. I see tweed and I think of tradition, class, durable fabric... and a warm coat! ahahaha
Love this! Thanks! Im wondering if one has to have a special needle to go through plastic?? or just a normal..jeans one would do?

Swirlyarts said...

Nice - bit too late for me to be making them for our holiday but cool idea :)

Tweed Thoughts said...

Just used the normal needle that was in my sewing machine Mariana - used a long stitch but it was no bother to sew through the plastic as it was nice and soft :D

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

What a fabulous idea! You are very generous to share such a great tutorial with us...thank you ;-)
Have a lovely week Alison!

CarmencitaB said...

Such a good idea for a quick gift. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Bron said...

Thanks for sharing this idea...I have made some similar in the you have raw edges on yours or are they turned under? xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful tut....btw if people don't have a plastic bag or something can use your
lamination stuf....

Keep up the good work...lots of love from holland by Bibi