Wednesday, 21 July 2010

my creative space . . . pipe-dreams

Found myself day-dreaming at the 'office job' today about having a lovely cosy Home Office in the garden (OK, an oversized garden shed would do!) for my little 'tweedie-business'. My wee house is bursting at the seams with tweed and crafty bits 'n bobs. I sometimes harbour wicked thoughts of getting my two lads to share a bedroom (sssshhhh, don't tell them!) but then 'world war III' would probably break out within minutes - more than my life's worth!

Took this little outdoor shot at the back of the house tonight and it was really chilly - so perhaps the garden-shed idea isn't such a good one either! This rather fuzzy shot is taken looking out to the lighthouse at Point, the view from my living room window.

I'm sure a solution to my little 'workspace' problem will present itself at some point (no pun intended!) - until then my creative space will remain a very 'squashed' one! Never mind, great works of art are created in the unlikeliest of spaces . . . who am I trying to convince, haha!! :)

More unlikely spaces over at Kirsty's - they'll just about be getting out of their beds by now I'm guessing, hehe! (It's 11 pm here)


janet said...

Oh Alison...we think alike. I have often imagined a little studio cottage set apart from my home with a little Franklin stove to keep me warm in the winter and windows to let in the breeze in the summer. Someplace to create with no interruption...lace curtains in the windows and a tiny hot plate to boil water for tea and coffee. Of course a tiny tin of Biscuits.
Janet xox

I love your view (jealous in the USA)

Swirlyarts said...

You would need lots of insulation and plenty of heaters :)

Tweed Delights said...

Mmmmmm, yes it's a nice dream though :) Back to the real world, hehe!

Florcita said...

I want to live there! Looks so pretty!
I bought a wood burner for my oversized wooden house... aka, studio. I will not stop until I can move Florcita in there! LOL

Tweed Delights said...

I'm currently 'working' on my Other Half, Mariana! It may take me some time, but you never know - if I continue to take over the house with 'tweed', he might get the message, hehe :) Enjoy your wood burner - sounds fab :)

dash robin said...

Beautiful view! I feel chilly just looking though and think you deserve a beautiful and WARM space to work in...:0)

june at noon said...

You have the most beautiful views! A little shed might be nice, but big enough for a roaring fire, too, maybe? ;)