Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I take it all back!!

Never believe a word I say, haha! Just reread my last post - "closing all my online shops for a month, blah, blah, blah!!!" To retract that statement I've decided to keep my Big Cartel store open for another week till Monday 26th July! I was having so much fun making my egg cosies (and now matching cards!) that I decided to keep one of my online shops open to list them. Had a go at making a 'cupcake' version yesterday - Yes, I have succumbed to the phenomenon, Oh my!

In fact I made an applique card first and then the egg-cosy to match, so from there decided the two items were quite a nice match for each other. I finally found a use for some little seed beads I got free in a craft magazine earlier this year, and handstitched them onto the card as 'hundreds and thousands'.

Both gift sets have been listed in my Big Cartel store. They're such fun to make I can't resist the urge - I'm a lost cause! Here's some more detailed pics:

Little seed beads on the icing . . .

applique tractor card (with puff of smoke!) . . .

As per usual, I'm doing everything EXCEPT what I'm supposed to be doing, tut tut!!

Well, it's the school hols and you have to keep yourself sane somehow :)

Cheerio an Drasda!

By the way, I came across this free currency converter widget today, which is useful to add to your website or blog here. I added one to my site today to help international customers and to help those purchasing from my Etsy shop (when it reopens!!). Quite a handy little thing :)


Swirlyarts said...

I love these - they would make such fabulous gifts and the matching cards are great too.

Biba said...

I LOVE the cupcake!

janet said...

I love what you have been creating lately! Please tell me about this Big Cartel thing???

Janet xox

dash robin said...

Adorable! I especially love the cheerful tractors.