Thursday, 19 November 2015

Now where was I . . . ?

My blog has been a little quiet this month - a combination of a rather sluggish laptop and well, just getting caught up in crafting and not getting round to recording it here - oops!  I started off at the beginning of the month doing some little Christmas decorations because, well the patterns I came across were just so cute!

Here's the main ones . . .

How cute would these look on your tree!  I found this pattern here.  Really fun to make and easy - I followed the screen instructions and then scribbled them down as you can see here - nice to add to Xmas pressies I think :)

Next up was some cute Sweater ornaments - well I couldn't resist these . . .

Another afternoon spent faffing about, but a lot of fun - my family really thought I was losing the plot at this point!  Why are you making them????  Well, they're fun!  And quicker than an actual size jumper :)  You can get the pattern here :)  I used some leftover shetland yarn and 2.75 mm needles (I think!).  I used a pattern from my Norwegian pattern book for the green one (more of that to follow next).

Well, these distracted me for a little while at least, until . . . . .  I got really caught up in Mary Jane Mucklestones pattern book '150 Scandinavian Knitting Designs' and decide to try out some of them for smaller items eg. purses just so I could have an excuse to knit them.  They're such lovely vibrant designs, they're hard to resist.

I started on this page - very Christmassy colours I thought! . . .

I loved the owl pattern so ended up with a little purselet . . .

Sorry!  Dark pictures - it's that time of year :)

Finally, I had a go of the reindeer pattern - he was so lovely, I had to try it out!

I also added a key ring to one of the sweaters - I thought the two things would make a nice gift for 'someone'!!  It's all very haphazard this crafting at the moment - ooops!

I'm blaming the cat as she's very distracting LOL.  She's still just a little kitten - almost 7 months old though but wants in and out constantly.  She will have to get a little operation next week - she's being neutered poor thing but  we can relax a little more about letting her out and about afterwards ;-)

I will be holding her paw next week after the operation until she recovers - I'm sure she'll be fine though :) :)

Cheerio an Drasda!
Alison x