Monday, 10 February 2014

Woodland knits

I took a wee breather from knitting bigger projects last weekend and decided to browse through one of my craft books:  100 flowers to knit and crochet.

I'd wanted to try and knit some of the leaves in the book but hadn't got round to it, so on Sunday I switched off and decided to give them a go . . .

I had a ball, hehe!  My family thought I'd completed lost the plot - one branch short of a tree and all that LOL.  It was very relaxing though - a bit like crossword puzzles for crafters - very absorbing trying to follow the patterns.  I loved it!  Here's some close up shots . . .

. . . a wee primrose which almost drove me bonkers though!

. . . an acorn (lightly stuffed!) - have no idea what I will do with it!

. . . my favourite - an oak leaf - I'd been eyeing it up before and thought it was very pretty :)

. . . and a little selection of leaves in different shades of green :)

Well, what else would you do on a lazy Sunday afternoon????  A lot of fun to be had with these though and an excellent resource book.

I've spent this week mostly sorting through my yarn stash, looking through my craft books and feeling delighted  that I've really learned so much from them.   Here's a pic of some of them and yes, I do have a lot of sock knitting books - I love them all! . . .


I even filed away all my knitting patterns in a folder - all neat and all, hehe :)  Here it is alongside all my (em, growing!) crochet and embroidery books . . . 

. . . and labeled some bags of my yarn stash . . . 

OK, now I'm starting to scare myself, hehe!  But I do know where all my knitty stuff is - just got to sort out all the tweedie, crafty stuff now . . . maybe later :) :)

January tidy-up has definitely leaked into February, but never mind - it's an ongoing process!  Do you find sorting crafty stash inspiring, boring?  It's so easy to forget what 'stuff' you have accumulated, isn't it?

I will get some Harris Tweed out soon - honest!!!  I'm working my way up to it :)

Later, gaters :)
Alison xx