Friday, 12 February 2016

Feeling a little sheepish . . .

I had some extra office hours to do over the last week, so crafting was a little on the slow side.  Before that happened though we had some awful weather and high winds here in the Hebrides, resulting in school and college closures, and ultimately in my having some extra time off, so it's all been swings and roundabouts!  In my extra days off I decided to try and bond with my computerised sewing machine. I have to say that we are now firm friends - swapping anectodes and all sorts, hehe :)

I ended up testing the limits of the sewing machine by making a couple of zipper purses - so by doing that I got used to using the zig-zag stitches, inserting a zipper, and generally giving it a good runaround!

Here's the two pouches - as you can see, there's a sheep theme going on . . .

I added the little tractor coming down the hill as an afterthought, but I thought it was quite cute :)  I've had this sheep button for ages - it was crying out to be placed on the little hill in the foreground.  A little bit of embroidery finished it off :)

Next I made a smaller, simpler version . . .

A lot of fun to make . . . I put both purses into my Etsy shop and the second one sold, which was my first sale on Esy - whoooop!  I was delighted, it was quite unexpected as I'd just decided to move all my stock to Etsy at the beginning of the week.

Lots of hard work finally paid off - so I hope that will continue, fingers crossed x

I'm cutting this post short so I'll finish with my little sheep brooch which my family slated me for!  I'm never showing them any of my work ever again, LOL!!!!  I thought he was quite cute . . .

Baaaaaaah! :)
Anyway, we are on half term break at the moment, so I'd better get off my laptop and do something productive.  Hope you have  a nice time if you're on half-term hols or are having them soon :)

Bye for now,
Alison x