Thursday, 22 March 2018

. . . . Well that was a long, unintentional break :)

I might very well be talking to myself here after such a long absence but never mind . . . . a very unintentional break from crafting and blogging - I think my last post was in August 2017!

Lots of stuff meant that my crafting activity changed - lots more knitting and crochet due to less time/space to get the sewing machine out or to consider any commercial work.  

Must admit that I slipped back into 'Mummy mode' a bit when my eldest returned from university after graduating last year.  I've really enjoyed having both my boys at home but it has meant less 'head-space' for keeping up my blog although I have done a LOT of colour work knitting and the usual crochet projects : )

The last few months have been a bit difficult however as my youngest was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition which flummoxed us for quite a long time.  He was finally diagnosed with Addison's disease last month after being referred to our local hospital with unusual symptoms.  Addison's is a rare endocrine disorder where your adrenal glands no longer function - it is a life threatening condition but treatable with daily medication.  God Bless the NHS - I can't praise the fantastic care he received during his 4 day stay at the Western Isles hospital - they were all lovely, doctos, nurses, auxiliaries alike - couldn't fault his care one bit - just amazing :)

Both my boys have now been diagnosed with autoimmune conditions in their teenage years - eldest with Type 1 Diabetes (5 years ago) and now my youngest with Addison's.  Happy to say that they are both doing well . . . . their mother . . . . well, let's just say I've just about come to terms with this recent turn of events.  Onwards and upwards! :) :)  Just grateful they are both doing well and keeping us, er . . .  entertained/exasperated in their 'normal' teenage/'young-adult' ways - pheeew!

Having got all that off my chest, my two lovely hens have been keeping me amused - during the very cold weather snap recently I thought they'd gone 'off-lay' but not a bit of it!  I found a lovely hoard of eggs underneath our oil tank . . . 

I think some omelettes are on the cards, hehe :)

Previous to the aforementioned family health issue, earlier in the year I finished this colour work scarf which has been well worn for trips to feeding the hens, collecting eggs etc. 

Taken from a pattern called the 'Popham Neck Warmer' on Ravelry - great fun and I added several of my own colour work motifs - Scottie Dog, Wee Hoose, and Hen (adapted from an online version).

I might use my own motifs in other knitted projects eg. zipper bags, etc.

Another very quick project was these foxy mittlets - done as a wee break from the scarf - it was also great fun, but tricky in parts using 4 different colours at certain points - quite challenging! . . . 

I haven't worn the foxy mitts when out feeding the hens though . . . . I don't think they would like it and might definitely go "off-lay"!  Another Ravelry free pattern - I highly recommend it :)

BTW how cute is this bunny pattern from Julie Harrison - I'm very tempted!

Well, nice to be back blogging - I might even get some crafting done today - if I have time after writing this post hehe :) :)

Cheerio an Drasda
Alison x