Sunday, 18 July 2010

Eggciting Times!

Sorry for the 'cheesy' blog post title, hehe! But things have been getting a little eggciting lately :D

A little flurry of interest in my laptop/gadget sleeves has kept me busy since the start of the school hols, hence my blog has possibly been a little quieter than usual (apologies!). Making my little egg-cosy the other night has got me very excited about all the design possibilities - I really enjoyed making it and started to think about designs both for children and adults/boys, girls, etc.

This little tractor version (and, yes, it could be mistaken for Postman Pat's van too, hehe!) is the first of many, I hope. I won't be listing this one yet as I've closed my online shops now until I come back from my hols in the middle of August. I'm giving myself plenty of leeway to prepare for our exciting break and also to finish off a couple of last minute orders. I'll be trying to keep my blog updated however until I actually leave at the beginning of August. Who knows, I might squeeze in some relaxing crafting time before I go!

Hope you're enjoying a lovely boiled egg for your Sunday breakfast :)


LifeCovers said...

It's lovely - perfect for encouraging youngsters to eat their breakfast.

Biba said...

So pretty!

Thank you for your kind comment.

june at noon said...

What a cute little truck! We don't do boiled eggs for breakfast, so no need for cozies, really, but I'm pretty sure we could find an alternative use. :)

Karin van D. said...

Cute tractor!

I received your wonderful gift this week and just wrote a blogpost about it. Thank you so much. It's so lovely!

Tweed Delights said...

Thanks Karin - glad it arrived safely! :)