Sunday, 1 May 2016

Allright Hen?

A couple of  weeks ago a kind family member heard of a hen coop that was free to a good home - it had been refurbished  from an old gritting salt container - not a thing of beauty but it had all the right components eg. a perch (for the hens to roost on) and a nesting box and a window for light to get in - very solid and water-tight too. 

I decided to cheer it up a little outside and drew a couple of hens in black permanent marker on the front :)  It really needed a little something extra I thought!

Yesterday was 'D' Day and my 'other half' sited it in a sheltered part of the back garden . . .

We had a rough bit of ground in between our garden shed and some trees at the back - so a good situation I think - shelter from the elements as much as possible.  Just need to add a little gate to get in and out :)  It'll get 'prettied' up as time goes by - we have the basic requirements for the moment though - safety and shelter :)  Just need to order the hens now!

Mostly I hope they will be able to cluck amongst the trees and the bushes when I'm at home and able to let them roam free . . . 

A new venture for me so I'll keep you posted as things develop - I'm hoping for hens in my backyard in early Summer - fingers crossed!  I'll keep reading my hen-keeping manuals in the meantime -a lot to learn, yikes . . .

Back to crafty posts next week though - I had so much to blog about today but the 'imminent chooks' have taken over the show!  Hope you're having a nice Bank Holiday if you're in the UK - hurray for Mondays at home - looking forward to it :)

Sorry, couldn't leave without one crafty pic - in between the hen enclosure creation I was making this lovely little thing - I'll fill you in next week . . .  (pattern by Julie Taylor of Love Fibres)

The scarf grew a little longer this week too . . . 

Well, it IS a craft blog, not a 'hen blog', hehe :) :)

Bye for now
Alison x