Monday, 3 November 2008

Please, please, let me craft!

Do you ever feel that outside forces are permanently conspiring against you to prevent you from sitting down and getting on with some much loved crafting and creating!!? Tee Hee! I can't really complain as I've just had a couple of orders come in from a British website I joined earlier this year. It's a bit like watching the kettle boil - I always seem to get an order or interesting e-mail the days I'm out at work at my office job which I do two days a week. Nothing happens for days and days until I go to work, then the little elves come out to play in my e-mail inbox! (which remains deathly silent while I'm at home!).

I've just had an order for some of my Harris Tweed ladybirds (ladybugs), which I love to make. I'm thinking of putting a couple or so in my Etsy shop but maybe I'll experiment with stuffing them with pure sheep's wool which is something I've played around with before. I love the idea of making an entirely natural product. This pure red Harris Tweed is so gorgeous and rich that I've decided to reserve it for making smaller items as I probably won't be able to get it again (due to changes in the Harris Tweed industry, there is not the same variety of colours and patterns being produced - but that's another story for another post!)

I also got an order for one of my Harris Tweed Beach Balls which I love to make too. This is all great news but this week is my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary and we have the much loved uncles (my brothers-in-law) home from their adopted home of Austria (it's a long story - Outer Hebrides to Austria) to celebrate, and a favourite Auntie from Inverness (my sister-in-law). All in all, things seem to be conspiring against me from sitting down peacefully and making/creating in a leisurely and enjoyable fashion - Aaaargh!

Anyone else have the 'outside forces conspiring against my creativity' syndrome??!* :-)


Muddlepud said...

I totally have this syndrome. As you probably know/remember, parents of small children don't always get much daylight time for ANYthing self-involved, so that leaves me a few hours each evening to work up the energy to get creative. I have some nights where I'm so tired I just can't do it. Then I get on a roll, like I did last week, and end up catching a nasty cold and just can't muster the strength. I want to craaaft!

Swirlyarts said...

All the time!! This weekend we are having 2 parties for Anya who turns 5 soon (1 for school and 1 for family), the house is a mess and I have craft stuff strewn EVERYWHERE but I have a craft fair the weekend after, that I need to get things made for - arrrggghhh!! I need to get off the computer and work :)

Tweed Delights said...

Hee Hee - I feel so much better - thankyou! :-)

Jennifer Rose said...

I think the ladybugs would do well in your Etsy shop. They are the one bug most people like :)

I don't have that many things to stop me from drawing, but some days those things do get in the way :/