Monday, 14 December 2009

At Last!

At last, the Christmas tree is up - much to the delight of 'Little S' who wanted to do the honours and put the tree together (sorry, it's not a 'real' one!) after school today. I usually let him decorate the tree which results in quite a bizarre spectacle but I sort of like that slightly chaotic, spontaneous look! He perched this little red-robin 'softie' in the branches which I thought looked quite cute - it's definitely a 'kiddie' kind of tree!

The robin 'twitters' when you squeeze it - how cheesey is that, hehe!! I'm beginning to look forward to the countdown now - Tra la la la la la!!!! :D

What, no 'tweedie' bauble on your tree I hear you gasp - there is one - really, it's just not in this pic, honest!!

Cheerio an Drasda :)


janet said...


Jennifer Rose said...

lol thats not cheesy at all! its cute and the tree looks good :)

Marion said...

A tree decorated by the wee ones is what it's all about.
I miss that with my two all grown up, and espesh this year with Laura away in NZ.
I wish they were both kids again and fighting over the decorations. Happy times!
Have a great Christmas, tho' we'll no doubt chat before then.
Marion x

florcita said...

I was going to say! where is the tweed on that tree!!!!?
I rather a tree done by a kid than one of those monochromatic, magazine type of trees! looks lovely! Only 10 days to go!

Biba said...

Lovely tree! We're decorating ours in a week, the eve before Christmas. It will be decorated by the kids as well, I guess! I'll keep you posted...