Thursday, 28 April 2011

This, That and the Other

My Blog post title pretty much sums up today - and although I don't have a whole amount to show for it, I'm happy enough with my results. I've been working on a prototype for a little commission this week, the final item having been finished today. One of these little jobs which in itself isn't hugely interesting but in the knowledge that a little bit of donkey work might result in some sales, so it's worth doing - sorry, I'm being a little cryptic but . . .

Here's the tweeds I've been using:

I don't know why but I took a photograph of these lovely fruit - grapefruit seems to becoming a popular choice in our house at the moment and I'm a great fan of avocados - nice colours together I thought :) (Perhaps I've been overdosing on Masterchef this week - but it has been fab hasn't it? Go Tim!!!!) Apologies to my international readers for any confusion - British TV!!

My youngest came home from school today with some bunting for tomorrow's great event (you know the one I mean!). I'll be watching it, purely from a creative point of view, hehe! He seems to have given Kate a plaid (or tartan!) dress, perhaps it's Harris Tweed, now there's a thought! She also seems to have quite high colouring, too much time in the sun - not a good look for the big day!

I think he made a very good job of the 'colouring in' - he's quite caught up in the whole affair - and a day off from school, so that can't be bad :)

I'm off to polish my 'tiara' - enjoy the wedding, if you're watching it (or even admitting to watching it!!!) Cheerio an Drasda :)

Monday, 25 April 2011

Still Here!

Many apologies for my prolonged absence - two weeks for our Easter break, followed by a further week of celebrations with extended family visiting from the mainland - pheeeeew, must be the longest Easter break ever!! It took me a further week to figure out what on earth I'd been doing beforehand - I'm still working on that one, haha! Anyway in the meantime I've been having some further thoughts of my online shopping presence - but more of that later when I'm sorted.

We're all chocolated out today, like the rest of the country after Easter Sunday yesterday. I packed 'Little S' off to school with a satchel full of Easter egg 'left-overs', I hope he managed to get rid of them!!

It's all blustery wind and sunshine here in the Outer Hebrides today - the poor daffies in the garden have been getting a good bashing but they seem to be holding their own. I'd forgotten that at some point I must have planted a mixed variety of them, they seem to have sprouted up all over the place in various combinations of lemon and yellow, in different shapes and sizes - very pretty!

Sorry about the lack of 'crafty' news but as mentioned I'm working on that one and looking forward to get down to some 'tweedieness' at some point in the week. I did get a fab gift of some Harris Tweed from a lovely work colleague last week - she won it at a Bingo night - it could only happen in Stornoway! :) I'll have to think about a nice 'tweedie' gift as a thankyou to her - I have a couple of ideas in mind though.

Catch up later in the week - hope everyone had a lovely Easter, please tell me it's over now though!!!! :)

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Easter Bumff!

This post is full of Easter bumff! From 'Little S' decorating chocolate Easter egg moulds . . .

to next door neighbours new extra 'Springy' lambies . . .

No, they're not in a cage, just in next door's croft!!! But they are cute, aren't they? :D

And lastly, but not very 'Eastery', a detail from a laptop sleeve for a customer, which I was working on yesterday . . .

. . . just to prove that I have been doing a little bit of 'tweedie' work! I know, I think our Easter holidays are completely out of synch with the rest of the country (world!!!), but then we are living on the edge of civilisation, perhaps that's why???!!*** :)