Thursday, 28 April 2011

This, That and the Other

My Blog post title pretty much sums up today - and although I don't have a whole amount to show for it, I'm happy enough with my results. I've been working on a prototype for a little commission this week, the final item having been finished today. One of these little jobs which in itself isn't hugely interesting but in the knowledge that a little bit of donkey work might result in some sales, so it's worth doing - sorry, I'm being a little cryptic but . . .

Here's the tweeds I've been using:

I don't know why but I took a photograph of these lovely fruit - grapefruit seems to becoming a popular choice in our house at the moment and I'm a great fan of avocados - nice colours together I thought :) (Perhaps I've been overdosing on Masterchef this week - but it has been fab hasn't it? Go Tim!!!!) Apologies to my international readers for any confusion - British TV!!

My youngest came home from school today with some bunting for tomorrow's great event (you know the one I mean!). I'll be watching it, purely from a creative point of view, hehe! He seems to have given Kate a plaid (or tartan!) dress, perhaps it's Harris Tweed, now there's a thought! She also seems to have quite high colouring, too much time in the sun - not a good look for the big day!

I think he made a very good job of the 'colouring in' - he's quite caught up in the whole affair - and a day off from school, so that can't be bad :)

I'm off to polish my 'tiara' - enjoy the wedding, if you're watching it (or even admitting to watching it!!!) Cheerio an Drasda :)


june at noon said...

You've captured my two favorite colors in produce!

Biba said...

Perfect ornament!
Of course I'm watching it - and taping it as I go so that I can re-run it as often as possible. All excited, can't wait, I envy you Brits!!!