Monday, 9 May 2011

Lost a Week!!??

Please don't ask me what happened to last week, because I have no idea where it went. If you've seen it, please get in touch with details of its' whereabouts!! I think the glorious weather we've been having here may have a lot to answer for - we've been engaging in lots of lovely summer activities such as visiting the beach, pitching tents (in the garden!), cycling (to the beach again!) . . . . and so on, and so forth! It probably won't last much longer and may be the only sunny weather we'll get, so I have no regrets about making the most of it!

Lots of signs of the Summer as I go on my walks out to the moor, which is fortunately on our doorstep; cuckoo flowers (Lady's Smocks is another name) coming in to bloom, to coincide with the arrival of the cuckoo . . .

The wild geese have been around for a while and seem to be a permanent feature of our landscape in the Hebrides these days . . .

I'm not always so keen on how these big birds circle around my head as I make my way out the moor track, they fly so low sometimes that you can hear the sound of their massive wings flapping - fascinating, if a little disconcerting! Lots of other birdlife too, but alas I'm not an expert in identifying them all.

Sunday (yesterday) brought a little lull in the good weather, so I rummaged my sewing basket and embroidered some fabric covered buttons - I thought the herringbone tweed would look good with some pastel coloured threads. It was very pleasant to do some relaxing crafting and browse through my new copy of Selvedge.

As for commerical crafting, I'm currently hoping to use my 'Big Cartel' website to post any new items as I make them (sorry Etsy!) - possibly a mix of commercial items and some more crafty/signature pieces. That's probably after I see 'teenage son' through his first big exams (Standard Grades in Scotland) - we're halfway there and I'll be breathing a big sigh of relief when they're done - he seems remarkably laid back about it all!

Bye for Now :)


Biba said...

Good luck to your teenage son (and your nerves, of course, I'm completely with you there...)!

Tweed Delights said...

Thanks Mojca! :D