Thursday, 19 May 2011

my creative space - fabric fun

Earlier this week I was working on a lovely commission for a 'tweedie' pencil case. I really enjoyed choosing the inner lining fabric (as I always do!) and after finishing the pencil case thought it would be nice to to make one for 'Little S' for school. He was delighted by the idea and I suggested that I had some cute 'puppy dog' fabric that would look good as a lining - he looked at me in disgust, "No way, I want fabric with skulls on it!", he exclaimed. Well, that was me told - I obviously momentarily forgot that he is leaving childhood 'puppydogs' and 'cute kitties' behind - what a shame :(

Anyway, we got to work and scoured Etsy for the appropriate fabric (with skulls on!) and came across some fabulous selections. In the pic from left to right: linen newsprint fabric used for the inner lining of my pencil case commission - thanks Ruth!, the 'offending' cute puppy dog fabric which will definitely get used for a pencil case inner because I love it!, and finally tada!, the skull fabric from Etsy which arrived in the post from Taiwan yesterday - he loves it! He has some very definite ideas on how this pencil case should look - I hope to have something to show you next week. In the meantime I'm itching to make some more cases with my fabric stash, for sale online. Off to drool over some lovely yummy prints!

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Biba said...

Oh dear, sounds just like my (almost) ten-year-old. He'd definitely prefer skulls as well... What's up with our 'babies'?

janet said...

Morning Alison,
I love fabric shopping!!!!

Very cute skull pattern.

Janet xox

june at noon said...

Ah, from puppies to skulls. Is this what I have to look forward to? ;)

I like that newsprint fabric!

Ruth said...

I got a great message from my nephew today to say he had received his pencil case! He was delighted! Thanks so much for doing the commission and organizing the mailing for him. I hope I get to see when we visit next week.