Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Finished Gift

A whole week without blogging - but I'm afraid that's just the pace of life at the moment! It's not that I've been slacking, honest! I finally got round to getting a little gift together for the kind work colleague who donated me a lovely big piece of yummy Harris Tweed. I'd had some PVC lining fabric in for quite a while with a view to having a go at making 'tweedie' washbags, so that seemed the perfect gift as I think this lady has a a lovely holiday to the Big Apple planned later in the year - Ooooh, lucky her!!

Here's how it turned out (please excluse my fat, sunburnt arms - I told you we'd been having some lovely weather here recently!) . . .

I chose this tweed as the one she had given me was quite a dark one which I loved but I think she would have found too dark for her own personal taste. I think the peacock blue PVC lining looked really nice against the pale pink of the tweed. I jammed it up with some nice 'smellies' (that's 'toiletries!) and it seemed to take quite a good amount of products. Here's some pics of it before I packed it up, with just a few random items of my own to show the size. It was a really nice project to do and I'm looking forward to making some for sale hopefully!

As previously mentioned the current plan of action as regards selling my products is to start stocking up my Big Cartel site, but rather than abandon my Etsy shop I think it might be nice to keep it ticking over with a range of simple items eg. fabric covered buttons, or something similar - I enjoy the site too much to walk away from it and use it so much for purchasing supplies, etc.

My 'old' website www.tweeddelights.co.uk will be disappearing this week - out with the old and in with the new, or something like that!!! I'm looking forward to making some 'fresh' creations and having them up for sale on 'Big Cartel' - international shipping on all items of course!

Later 'tweedie' Gaters :)


Biba said...

What an absolutely gorgeous washbag! The versatility of Harris Tweed seems to be endless... :)

janet said...

Hey Alison,
It seems so long since we have talked! So you opened a Big Cartel shop? I set one up, but have not officially opened it yet. I am feeling very swallowed up by Etsy...too big and they are loosing control over what 'handmade' items are being offered.
I like the flexibility of BC and the way you can customize your shop. Good luck with this new endeavor.

Love the pink Tweedy zipper bag...beautiful and your friend will love it.


janet xox

Tweed Delights said...

Thankyou Ladies! Sorry I haven't been 'around' so much lately - I'm working on making a 'comeback' though, haha!!! :)

june at noon said...

Very pretty. I'm loving all the ways you're using that gorgeous tweed!

Ren said...

Im a big tweed fan so popped in to say hello!!!
Congratulations and good luck with the new shop. Thought I would add that Ive just moved to Big Cartel too, snap!!! Highly recommend it. Orders have started coming in and it works a treat with lots of scope for really prettying it up and making it home! I too am staying on Etsy alongside, the exposure it offers is too good to miss, and I like being part of the crafting community, BUT I didnt like it being my only outlet. They sort of have you by the sort and curlys else!!! Good luck x Ren@fairysteps.co.uk

Ren said...

I meant short and curlys!!!!