Thursday, 26 May 2011

my creative space - finally!

Finally getting the felt blobs sewn onto 'Little S's' pencil case - well ONE anyway! Maybe I'll do some more after tea :)

And a little pile of pencil cases made their way into my Big Cartel store this morning - at last, a little more productivity! And with 'Big S's' exams out of the way now, I can just let rip and go sewing crazy - well, perhaps just a little bit :)

I would really like to get a little pile of physical stock into my store at the moment - it seems an easier way for me to proceed given my limited workspace. Perhaps a couple of 'made to order' items will make an appearance, but I will be keeping them to a minimum, and just getting on with the job of making, making, making!

More creative peeps over here :)


june at noon said...

Such pretty pencil cases. I still love that combination of tweed and prints.

small catalogue said...

Gorgeous! Love the colour combinations

Taylor Made said...

They are lovely...good luck with the restock...something I need to get on and do too.