Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Moral Dilemma

I'm in the throws of a moral dilemma today - well, not really - that's a bit of an overstatement. I just can't really decide what to do, or more precisely what to prioritise - sounds familiar???

Remember 'Little S' was going to get a handmade pencil case, with the skull fabric lining - well I dutifully fulfilled this task. Here it is in all its glory, I really like the emerald green tweed against the skull print fabric - I was quite pleased with it!

However, he wanted to customise it - well who am I to curtail my child's artistic leanings??! He described how he wanted to add different shapes of felt to the front of the pencil case, like so:

This really made me laugh, because basically he wanted to turn the new pencil case into an 'upmarket' version of his old camouflage pencil case, which is pictured above. Aren't kids funny! Now I have to handsew the felt pieces on - which is fine, but . . .

. . . I'd really like to contine making more pencil cases, here's a sneaky preview of some I made yesterday (I told you I'd get to use that cute puppy dog fabric!) and . . .

. . . I'd love to get started on making some more of them, which I've already cut out, ironed and added interfacing - all ready for the sewing machine.

So should I: (a) finish off 'Little S's' pencil case or (b) get stuck into sewing up some more for my shop or (c) and I really don't like this option!!! - do all the housework I didn't do yesterday because I was making new pencil cases!!!!

Answers on a postcard please, hehe :)

We had a great weekend at a local music festival this weekend (Sounds in the Grounds). I had a stall there last year but alas did not have stock to do one this year and as it happened the weather was so awful there was very little in the way of any craft stalls this year. It was a fab event however - lots of mud, great music, and I thoroughly enjoyed it :)

Off to muse over my 'moral dilemma', and probably end up doing none of the above - never mind! By the way, I've been working on setting up my Big Cartel shop and must say I have found the Support Team to be very helpful with a couple of queries I had, so things are looking good - just got to get the stock in there!!!

Bye for now :)


june at noon said...

I like that green!

I can't solve your dilemma--I have a similar one regarding the housework. ;)

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Love the new pencil cases Alison : ) All such dilemmas were taken out of my life over the last day and a half as we had a 30 hour power cut due to the wind! lol

Claire said...

Hey ALison, don't you hate it when these dilemmas arise?

When I find myself torn between 'want to do versus have to do' I usually start with doing some of the housework to ease the guilt and so the family notices, hehehe but make sure I have time to make a few things I want to. Then lastly I put time into things I have to make or any commissions.........

That's the plan anyway, whether it goes accordingly or not, depends on the day.

Love the pencil cases BTW........

Claire :}

Tweed Delights said...

Thankyou ladies for 'helping' me with my dilemma - I did ultimately manage to do a 'little' bit of everything . . . almost :)!

Aileen - we had a power cut too, but only briefly - we can't control the weather unfortunately! Just got to go with it I guess :) :)