Tuesday, 15 January 2013


I've had a bit of an 'Oooooops!' moment this week, as in a laptop-crash 'oooooops' moment - Oh Dear!  I did have it coming to me - lack of computer housework, too many photos, lots of warnings - I didn't heed any of them, so entirely my own fault :-/  I've put my 'tweedie' shop offline for this week until I decide how to rectify matters and how to em, proceed with business in general.  In the meantime I have finished my first 'Egyptian' sock and I'm delighted with it . . . 

Thank goodness for sock-knitting - it's keeping me calm during this time of great disaster!  Never mind, I'm using one of my kiddos laptop today and I'll be able to keep in touch in any case.  I will probably have to take some time out from 'tweedie' business or perhaps just cut back to the bare minimum until I figure out what to do.

Back to my sock - far more fun!  I'm amazed how the colour-work came up - I have a very laborious method of doing it, as I haven't quite got the hang of holding two strands of wool simultaneously, but the result was fine so I'm happy.  It fits quite well, although I really think it is meant to be quite a rustic, ethnic style of sock as shown in the book illustration.  

I'll be yo-yo-ing between my kids' laptops/computers for the next little while, so if I'm not here I'll be doing all the stuff I should be doing like sorting out my cash-books, tidying my fabric cupboard, etc.  Perhaps some good will come out of my predicament, who knows!

Keep calm and carry on :)
Alison xx


Biba said...

This is one beautiful sock :)

Claire said...

And to think that you only started knitting socks recently!!
It looks amazing Alison, I'm in awe of your skill.....
Your boys must think you're pretty clever..

Claire x

Alessandra said...

Your sock is really stunning Alison!! What a work!
Hope you solve your laptop problems sooooon!!!
xxx Ale

june at noon said...

Oh no! I still have bad flashbacks to my own Great Laptop CrashDown that happened a few years ago. I lost six months of photos of my kids because I hadn't backed them up. That wouldn't be a HUGE deal, but there was a series of pictures of them at their first amusement park outing that were special to me. I almost cried!

The sock, though. That sock! I looks so fantastic! I'm really impressed, lady. Make sure you throw in a *little* bit of second-sock-knitting while you're behaving and doing the "real" work too. :)