Thursday, 28 February 2013

Back to 'normal'?

Well, I think I'm finally ready to start 'normal' crafting/blogging etc. activities once again - whatever 'normal' is!!

During my little tidy-up this little doll's outfit pattern slipped out from some family oddments I inherited recently.  My late mother had knitted one of the outfits for me when I was little . . .

I think it was the middle one that she knitted - it was funny to see this again after probably almost 40 years ago!

Aw, isn't she sweet with her little plastic pony beside her, hehe!

I'll hold onto this one for another 40 years maybe :)

I'm all ready to start 'tweedying' again - not quite sure of my direction - craft fairs?, shops or just online - who knows yet!  I'm just going to get going and see where it takes me - I like an adventure!

Took a quick snap of a  view out towards the moor this morning - we've  had such  lovely weather recently - only today is a little 'soggy and damp' but still lovely and mild . . .

Rona sent me this lovely crochet headband this month as a Giveaway prize - isn't it sweet - love the colours . . . 

Check out her fairisle treats in her Etsy shop here :)

Okey - dokey!  Better get going - with whatever it is I'm going to get going with!  I'm going with the flow at the moment and it feels OK to do that - absolutely no plan whatsover LOL :)  There's more creative tales over here.

Speak soon
Alison x


Liz said...

Aw, the dolly knitting pattern is so sweet and even more precious because you remember your Mum knitting something from it for you.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Alessandra said...

such a sweet memory!!!!
see you soon, then!!!
xxxx Ale

BigLittle said...

Have you got a little person to knit some vintage dolls clothes for? They are awfully sweet - I particularly love the little red cape :) Lisa xx

Mezz said...

love the moors.....beautiful!

fairislerona said...

I'm sure my mum had the dolls pattern as well - in fact I have a doll with one of the dresses to this day. Thanks for the mention Alison! I'm in Mull at the moment and have had 5 glorious days of sunshine. Will be doing a blog on the place we are staying....hope you are having sunny days on Lewis...R x

june at noon said...

Going with the flow sounds good. Especially when your craft oddments start dating you. ;)