Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Weekend crafty project . . .

Slowly getting back into some regular blogging at last . . . . and even more slowly back to 'tweedie' business!  Onwards and, em . . . . sideways??!* (better than backwards, eh? LOL)

Anyway, at the weekend I continued my little Scandinavian knitting project and yesterday I finished it off - I'm only showing a little peek as I'm thinking of hatching a plan - Muaahahahah!  Here's a little piece of it . . . .

I might make another one to hone my colour-stranding technique - there are longer floats with this kind of knitting so I've been scouring YouTube videos to get to grips with 'tying them in' on the reverse.  I 'developed' my own method from reading books but a You Tube video I found has made me want to try a different way.

I think I'm becoming a knitting/Fair Isle geek, hehe :) :) 

Eldest son installed a new operating system on my laptop at the weekend and I've no idea where all my photos are going/gone half of the time - if my posts seem a little disorientated, that's why!

Another book I got over the summer was this one . . . 

I've made a few 'tweedie' versions of sea creatures myself over the years (jelly fish, seahorses, fishies, etc) -  so I was magnetically drawn to this book - I'm dying to try some of these as a relaxing weekend project.  Crochet seaweed - don't you just love it!

I would hope to start making more 'tweedie' items for sale soon - for adding to Etsy and to re-open for taking orders on my own website.  I haven't gone completely 'knitty' on you - it's just a nice distracting hobby for the time being until I can get the sewing machine out again - I'm sure it will all come together in due course, bear with me :) :)

By the way, the Scandinavian knitting project may well end up in a Giveaway if I get my act together!  Watch this space :D

Alison x


Alessandra said...

Hi Alison !
nice knitting, even if it;s just sneak peek!!!!
So curious......!!!!!
I know the crochet book you are showing. I was tempted to buy it, but then I did not! WHY????
xxxxx Ale

Biba said...

Lovely job :) Definitely watching this space!

june at noon said...

Love the new knitting, can't wait to see more!