Thursday, 10 October 2013

Socktoberfest :)

I've  just joined the Socktoberfest group over on Ravelry - I think it's just a month to celebrate sock-knitting, bust your wool/yarn stash, make your Xmas gifts, etc.  No pressure to produce a heap of socks at the end of it as far as I can gather - I hope not anyway!  I did feel a 'sock coming on' with my new knitty design so it seems to be a natural progression to devote October to knitting socks - OK, I was just looking for a good excuse, hehe :)  I'm a little late starting but October hols are coming up,  so . . . .

I've ordered some yarn to knit up my Scottie dog design into some socks - very exctiting!  In the meantime I've tried another design swatch and . . .  way hay, it worked out first time :)  This design has a sea-creatures theme and I've used the image to make some of my seaside 'tweedie' softies in the past.  It was quite nice to go back to an older theme and reuse it in a completely different way :) . . . 

The squiggly things in between the seahorses are starfish, just in case you didn't know, hehe!

Scribbly drawings . . . 

The swatch turned out so well that I've decided to continue with it and make it into a sock - hopefully two!  I'm just  using acrylic DK from my stash of Patons Fab (prob equivalent to Red Heart yarn in the US) so I think they'll be fun 'bed/loafing about' socks.  That's if they work out . . . they might not!

OK, at the end of all that I've set my self a challenge to make two pairs of socks - one, a wearable (ie. boot or shoe type socks) and the other a pair of 'loafing about' socks . . . :)  

Hopefully making some tweedie-stuff too - I'll be adding to my online shops as and when I can (when I'm not knitting socks, that is!). Details as and when this happens!  October is beginning to sound like quite a busy month, hmmmm, well the nights are drawing in . . . .  :)

Later, gaters :)
Alison x


Alessandra said...

your new swatch is brilliant!!!
xxx Ale

Gabriella said...

Hi Alison,thank you for gifts.I love knitted and " tweedie" objects, and i like your land. I' m very happy.
I posted all in my blog. You are welcome.
Have a lovely day.

SmokinTweed said...

Great work!

june at noon said...

Love the new pattern. You are amazing me!