Friday, 27 March 2015

Easter Socks :)

I seem to be jumping from one project to another with great urgency at the moment - no idea why, but I can't cope without having some 'crafty/knitty' project on the go!

My 'Bubbles' shawl is all done and dusted with and I was really pleased at how it turned out (pic to follow).

The general idea was to draw things to a brief halt before the Easter Hols . . . . hmmmmm, well that was the idea anyway :)  However an old pattern jumped out from my folder, saying 'knit me, knit me!' - you know what I mean, hehe!  I was looking for a quick 'knitty' fix before eldest son comes home from Uni for the Easter break (I'll need all my time to make him some home cooked meals as an anti-dote to student fare/ready-meals!)

Circles and Spirals Socks by Mimi Kezer is such a fun pattern to knit!  There were only 9 projects attached to this pattern on Ravelry (now 10 with mine!) and I can't understand why - the photo grabbed my attention straightaway :)  

I used yarn from my stash (remember the self-striping yarn which was meant for a plain old 'vanilla' sock earlier in the year - too boring!).  I think these yarns were made for this sock pattern :) :)  The self striping effect of the contrast colour yarn gives a really clever effect of lots of of colour changes without the hard work - only two colours and it looks like twenty, whoooop!

I was a little wary of the 'flea stitch' patterning on the heels and soles but it was more straightforward than it looks and gives a lovely 'toasty' warm feel to the sock :)

The first sock came off the needles last night and I was delighted with the fit . . .

Very cute pattern and it really revived my colour stranded knitting skills - a good learning curve for colour work too.  Well done to Mimi Kezer for such a fun knit!

Now I can't decide whether to cast on the other sock straight away . . . . I probably will though :) :) :)

Cheerio an Drasda!
Alison xxx


Liz said...

Love the patterns and the colours are great too!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Sam Findlay said...

What a wonderful sock! You're right that yarn was made for these socks!

fairislerona said...

These are looking rather lovely Alison x

fairislerona said...

Have you seen the self patterning sock yarn Alison? Regia make it and you only use one colour and it self patterns? X

Emma (My Red Wellies) said...

That sock pattern and that yarn were destined to meet at some point. What a stunning wee sock pattern. Now if I could master dpns and knit a plain one... haha.
Looking forward to seeing your finished bubbles shawl.
Hope you are keeping well
Emma x