Tuesday, 6 October 2015

More lace - sheeeesh!

Sorry, I am boring Blogland with my lace but when I get absorbed by something . . . . . :)

Here's the last shawl for a while - honest!  I really wanted to try some 2 ply lace yarn to test my lace knitting skills to the max! (well not quite - but cobweb/1 ply yarn - I don't think so!).

This lovely pattern (Annis) by Susanna IC seemed a good choice for practicing nupps (Estonian lace stitch) and also simple enough to practice using 2 ply yarn - so we thought haha!  Actually it was . . .  AFTER I finally found the right cast-on for lace - 363 stitches later, aaaaargh!

It was all worth it in the end though . . . .

I used a knitted cast on which creates quite a loopy edge as you can see but these loops help the edge to stretch out - it all came good eventually!  More nupps (the bobbly things!) in this shawl - 150 I think!

A lovely sheer lace effect though (after blocking) - notice the difference from the photo above . . .

Finished in 5 days which is a quick knit for lace, so I'm happy!  This was really a 'practice' shawl and only used one ball of  Malabrigo lace yarn so nice and economical too . . .

I think my 2 month 'masterclass' in lace knitting has probably come to an end . . . time to move on :)  I've had fun with it though!

Speak soon
Alison x


Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

you are really good at it!!!!! :oD
Brava Ali, xxxxx Ale

Gaia said...

wow! so pretty.

fairislerona said...

Presume your planning ahead for a cold winter Alison - all these shawls to keep you warm!! X