Thursday, 27 April 2017

A (very!) extended Easter Break . . . .

Well, my Easter break became a very extended one with my eldest at home studying for final university exams, I just decided it would be just as well to continue plying him with cups of tea and sympathy :)  The sewing machine stayed very quiet in the meantime.

We all had a week off at Easter time and went for a lovely drive down to the South of Harris (I live on the Isle of Lewis in the north part).  We were very much tourists, just driving around little side roads and taking photos along the way - I think I've really fallen for the Bays of Harris, just a beautiful part of our islands!  We took the 'Golden Road' - doesn't that sound romantic, hehe :)  You can read about it here.

Here's some photos I took along the lovely winding roads . . . 

Just love this scenery - the colours are amazing :)

Lots of winding roads through rocky landscapes

Couldn't resist taking a photograph of this cute pony!

Rodel Church - well worth a visit.  Fascinating history :)

Scarista beach - I'd forgotten how lovely it is!

I'll keep this post short :)  Sock knitting has been featuring a lot over the last few weeks - so easy to pick up anytime and I've learned a few new techniques along the way - I'll leave that for another post!

Bye for now!
Alison x

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