Saturday, 22 July 2017

Crochet and sunshine

Hmmmmmm - somewhere, sometime, I forgot to blog about anything I've been making, doing, etc - not for the lack of being creative - just waiting for life to settle down a bit :)

This week we've been blessed with some beautiful sunny weather - I crocheted the above square after work on Monday just because I couldn't wait to try it!  It's a giant block (about 10 inches square) and came from a free Red Heart (Super Saver) pattern on their website.  I would LOVE to make an entire afhgan/blanket with these - this one was made using oddments in my stash and worked quite well, so a thrifted blanket might be on the cards.  The centre is made using cheap acrylic yarn so that could be purchased easily but it would be nice to use odd bits and pieces for the rest in combination with some bought yarn.  I love the idea of acquiring a nice collection of hand crochet blankets around my home :)

Eldest is back home from University having graduated in June - it's a relief to have him home again :)  I feel far more inclined to get back to crafting, both commercial and otherwise, whoop!

Last weekend I made one of my collage, tweedie brooches and decided to rejig the packaging a bit - inadvertently it seems to have triggered a new range of gift ideas for my Etsy shop - funny how one small change can lead to some new ideas!

Off to enjoy some lovely Hebridean sunshine - have a lovely weekend :)

Alison x


Gaia said...

Hi Alison,those brooches are so cute, and love the crochet block

mamasmercantile said...

Love the crochet, such a beautiful pattern. The weather has certainly been wonderful enabling us to get out and about with my visitors and enjoy this amazing Island. Love the tweed, pretty design.