Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Last of the Dinosaurs

Hurray! This is the last of the dinosaurs for the Gallery shop order - I do have 5 more 'beastie' tweedies to make, but they will have to wait until the end of the month now.

Starting to see quite a bit of Christmas 'bling' on the go amongst my fellow craft bloggers, so I fancy a little fling with the sequins myself, to fit in with my next Craft Fair on the 21st November. I do like a bit of sparkly Harris Tweed! With any luck I'll get a bit of 'bling' into my Etsy shop before Christmas!

Last Christmas I got a bit caught up with doing online custom orders at the last minute in December so I've decided to draw a halt to custom orders at the beginning of December this year.

In summary, I will most likely be closing my own website on December 1st - January 4th (as all items on this site are made to order). My Etsy shops however will remain open until the second week in December (for items in stock). Now's the time to get your custom order in!

Now on to some fun 'tweedie' creativity at last - what shall I make today?? :)


Swirlyarts said...

Bling is good :)

janet said...

It makes me smile to know you are so busy with sales!!! You deserve it ;-)

Biba said...

I'll make a reservation in your Etsy shop, then! I can't confirm the payment until the beginning of December, but I'd like to make sure that a teddy and a dino are still there!

Biba said...

Hi, Alison, I'm so glad the package is finally there - I was getting a bit worried! It took a long time, but I guess the postal strike didn't help... I'm glad you like the bracelet - I thought the beads were a lovely 'whisky' colour! Enjoy wearing it!

lisette said...

Love the dino's!