Sunday, 1 November 2009

Watch the Birdie

This little bird was making a menacing, scratchy noise inside the guttering of our house this morning as I took a little plod around 'the garden' (I use the term loosely!). When he eventually emerged, he looked quite friendly and fluffy - I was beginning to envisage some huge spider with scratchy claws, so this little fellow came as a bit of a relief! Sorry about the fuzzy pic - best I could get with my 'point and shoot' camera.

He's quite a nice compact little shape though isn't he?

Happy Sunday :)


Jennifer Rose said...

for being such small little things, they sure make a loud ruckus!

Jenifir said...

Maybe that nice compact shape would make a new tweedie bird. I am working with/liking birds in my designs these days. We have all sorts of ladybugs trying to get inside right now. They do not make noise but it is disconcerting to find them in the house. It is a good thing your scratchy sounds were not in the house.

janet said...

he looks like some type of sparrow..very cute.