Saturday, 25 September 2010

Crafty post at last!!

Pheeew, I meant to post a little something last Saturday when I embarked (every so briefly!) on this crafty project. However a night out with the girls from work and a little bit of restraint on my part, as I didn't want to spend my weekend family-time on the laptop, meant it was a blog-free zone! I'm surprised that my Saturdays are still an ideal time to get some crafting done, you'd think that with working full-time I'd be scrubbing floors, doing laundry, and catching up with all the other household chores - well, ahem, some things never change and I seem to have neatly body swerved such activity today, hehe!

With all the family off doing exciting pursuits like loch fishing, wall-climbing, etc I found myself with an empty (if slightly unkempt!) house. So what did I do?? Well after a brief spell of domesticity, out came the sewing machine! You can take the girl out of the craft room but you can't take the craft room out of the girl (or something like that!!)

The pic above is of the beginnings of a zippered pouch - I chose this lovely pink tweed and a complementary Japanese cotton fabric lining, some interfacing and a 7 inch zip - I got as far as cutting out the basic pieces last Saturday. I planned to use this tutorial which turned out to be great and so easy and simple to follow, I was amazed!! I'm sorry but I didn't manage to photograph my progress as I only had today to make the pouch (I made two actually!) - but here are the results.

The first one I made was simply made with the interfacing on the tweed for a stiffer finish, I was really pleased with it! I then decided to try a second one with some padding (I had some wadding in from another crafty project idea). They were really quick and easy to make - it's enough to make me come out of crafty online hibernation!! Seriously it was lovely to make something purely for the enjoyment of it - they would make great gifts and you never know, maybe I'll do a craft fair sometime just for fun :) Here's the pics of the finished zippered pouches (approx pencil-case size):

I think using some stunning cotton printed fabrics for the linings of these pouches really makes them special - I'm imagining all sorts of combinations of tweed and prints - yum! I'm so glad I tried making these zippered pouches - you've got to have a go, they're very satisfying to make - endless possibilities! Oooops I'm supposed to be making the dinner for the homecoming fishermen - Oh Dear!!! Cheerio an Drasda :) (Many thanks again to 'skiptomylou' for a fantastic tutorial - all credit to her!)


janet said...

Now you see why I am 'addicted' to sewing up these little zipper beauties! Well done

Janet xox

Tweed Delights said...

Hehe! Thanks Janet - they are a little addictive I think! In a good way though :) x

Swirlyarts said...

The pink tweed is gorgeous!

Florcita said...

oh these are gorgeous! The tweed is so beautiful!
Im glad to see you online even if it for a bit! Dont worry about the house... i doubt there is one crafty woman in the world with a shiny all neat house... not mine, that is for sure! Creativity goes first!
have a nice week!

june at noon said...

I am loving that pink tweed! And it's perfect with the Japanese fabric. Well done!

Biba said...

They're absolutely fabulous! I was wondering who could make me a zippered pouch like these - I would love a combination of my two favourite fabrics in the whole world, Harris Tweed and Liberty cotton. Any chance for a custom order?

Highland Monkey's said...

That pink tweed is gorgeous.Love it.