Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Spring - technically not!

Way hay! First of March today - which made me wonder when is the first day of spring . . . and it's not today :( On the plus side, seemingly it's on the 20th of March or thereabouts, according to my internet research - clearly I haven't enough to do (of course, it's the exact opposite - you know the one, you have SO much to do, you faff about for as long as possible to delay the inevitable!) Anyway, it's March and that's good enough for me . . . and the sun is shining, so there :)

Yesterday I managed to whip up a little coin purse, using some of my Japanese cotton prints for the lining - cute puppies and kitties, you've got to love it - I've only to look at this fabric and it makes me smile!

. . . and I actually managed to list it here in my Etsy shop - wonders never cease!

Little Kiddo is doing a project on primitive man at school - we let him loose on one of the walls outside the house . . . I though it was very funny! He got a little carried away and started painting on the opposite side of the wall facing the street, which wasn't quite so funny - he was then promptly equipped with a bucket of soapy water and a scrubbing brush!

I did request that he didn't use too much black paint! . . . and no, it's not an arrow, it's a spear, hehe! Primitive art - I'm liking it :)


Biba said...

Love the little coin purse!

Claire said...

Hey Alison, that little coin purse is soooo cute, love the lining fabric too.

Love the caveman paintings too, very creative.

Hope you'll be having some blue sky and sunshiney weather soon.

Claire :}

june at noon said...

Great caveman paintings!

I'll go with Spring starting today if that means I can keep this warmish weather.