Thursday, 24 February 2011

My Creative Space . . . ideas in progress

My creative space this week is this very compact little pile of craftiness, which is exactly how I tidied it away the other day. Having finally admitted that I really don't have a craft-area, apart from a small corner to store all my crafty goodies, this is how my work has to progress and I quite like it as it disciplines me into working on small, individual projects.

I've been thinking about mixed media ideas recently, and for some reason using vintage keys, alongside my tweed, to create some handmade cards. An idea in progress, but it's nice to have something 'boiling' in the background. I'm in no hurry to finish this project - it would be nice to make a series of cards using a selection of fabrics, textiles (I'm using some hessian in the background here), and some other odds 'n sods - the plot thickens!

. . . also in the photo is a cut and sewn pink 'tweedie' teddy for a work colleague who has recently become a Granny - and I really must stuff and finish this today, so skates on for that one!

. . . some embroidery thread to embroider the little finished ted's face, my (quite messy) pincushion, and in the background a lovely book of textile art which I purchased last summer. It features some of Mariana's beautiful work, which gave me the impetus to buy it - it's a lovely book to dip into for inspiration and just pure relaxation.

That reminds me, it's time to go and have a coffee before I embark on any of my projects! Kirsty is hosting 'My Creative Space', so you'll find a wealth of crafty goodness over there :)


janet said...

Hello Alison,
I just know your 'key cards' will be are so very creative that way.

Headed top check out these other well!

Janet xox

Florcita said...

Lots of inspiration on that book!
Love the key/tweed idea... cool to have a project to work on, right?

Biba said...

What a great idea for a card!

june at noon said...

It looks like a very inspiring pile of things. I love the idea of the keys, another natural material paired with the fabrics.

Claire said...

Hey Alison, wish I could be as disciplined in my creating, but I tend to work better with loads of things around me...........but I really do try and be neat and tidy.

Love the idea of working with keys and fabrics, it sounds very interesting, can't wait to see your cards.
The pink tweedie teddy, sounds very cute too.

Claire :}