Thursday, 3 February 2011

my creative space . . . just looking!

My creative space is dormant so far this morning, but I do have a little zipper pouch cut out and ironed, ready to sew up later today. But that hasn't happened yet!, so in 'real-time' here's a little shot of the fun fabrics I've been using to line my 'tweedie' pouches - these are such fun to work with. I was a bit naughty at the weekend and ordered a little bit more fabric from one of my favourite Etsy Japanese fabric shops - deep joy! It is ultra cute fabric - I can't wait to get it in the post :) Very exciting to get a little package all the way from Japan - it makes the world seem like a very small place!

Here's the interior of an emerald green tweedie pouch I made earlier this week - I lined it with this fab and quirky Japanese fabric, featuring London imagery, very funny and the text on it is all in higgledy piggledy English, completely non-sensical, I love it, hehe! A bit indulgent as a lining but I find that the interior of the pouches are just as important as the exterior - the fabrics complement each other so well. I've had more fun with yo-yos this week too, and embellished the front of a red 'Valentine' tweedie pouch with this heart fabric yoyo - these are lovely to work with and the ruched effect adds a nice bit of texture too - very satisfying on the creative front :)

I'm off to pick up 'Little S' now as seemingly we have a big storm heading towards us in the Outer Hebrides, and the schools are shutting early - batten down the hatches, yikes!

More (industrious, perhaps?) creative spaces over at Kirsty's - Cheerio an Drasda :)


june at noon said...

Great fabrics! Where do you prefer to order your Japanese fabrics?

janet said...

I told you yo-yo's were habit forming!

I love your tweedy pouches

Janet xox

Tweed Delights said...

Thanks Janet :D

Hi Gretchen - have used 'Thisandthatfromjapan' on Etsy and found it to be a very good shop, also 'Matatabi'. I do a search on 'kawaii' fabrics and see what I find! :D