Wednesday, 16 November 2011

my creative space . . . jumping up and down with excitement!

Look, look - I made it! I felt like a five year old who'd just learned how to tie shoelaces, ride a bike or count to ten - or all three things together, hehe! I know, this looks like quite a non-descript sort of crafty item - it's actually a crocheted boy-beanie and I'm not afraid to say how proud I am of my first attempt . . .

I came across the pattern on Ravelry and scoured all the posts people had made on the pattern - how invaluable was that!! In the olden days you'd probably go and ask your Granny, or your Auntie or your Great Great Auntie who lives up the road - nowadays you go online and check how someone on the other side of the planet made their beanie hat - I'm so glad I did though :)

Checking out other people's posts on the pattern allowed me to avoid disappointment and make the beanie to the correct size to fit an adult/teen. Bizzarely it fits everyone in the family - from ten years old to adult - unfortunately no one would model it for me - not even me!!! (I really do not look good in a hat of any description!)

Thankyou Ravelry for providing me with so much information - here's a link to my notes on Ravelry for the pattern - what a clever, helpful site :) More 'daft' crafty types here - where would I be without them??!! :)

P.S. I'm still waiting for the winner of my Giveaway to get in touch - if you're out there Suze, please get in touch - otherwise I will do a redraw this weekend : /

P.P.S. So sorry - I'm just realising I did not manage to get back to last week's comments - this office work malarkey is playing havoc with my blogging routine - many, many apologies - that's just not 'cricket' : /


june at noon said...

Good for you, lady! You deserve some jumping up and down. Like your new profile photo, too.

Claire said...

Yay, for you Alison..........isn't it exciting learning new skills.

Your beanie looks great and when the weather really cools down, I'm sure it will get lots of wear.
Would look fab with a crocheted flower or two on the side if you are going to claim ownership of it.

I think there might be some more beanie making going on as all the family will no doubt want their very own.

It's sunhats here today, clouds about and rain forecast for the next day or so, but the sun is making it's presence felt at the moment. Better go hang the washing out..........

Claire :}

Biba said...

Well done! I'm sorry I wasn't there, I would have gladly modelled the beanie for you! I like having my head covered :)

Taylor Made said...

Great feeling when you master something and it looks good to boot!