Monday, 28 November 2011

Bats and Beanies . . .

I had to take a little trip to the mainland (Scottish) at the end of last week - work-related, but quite nice all the same! It's good to be back though, even if after spending a night in a "posh-ish" hotel it reminded me of how much I have to declutter my little home - I've spent the day clearing the decks and trying to get my house looking like a little hotel-ish LOL!! It hasn't really worked, but it looks a little better now, hehe :) If it ever does look like a hotel, I'll definitely take photos and post them here!!!!

'Little S' was a little bored on Saturday afternoon/evening so he decided he wanted to make the 'bat-cookies' we'd left over from Hallowe'en - I was shocked that he didn't want to decorate them so I had to decorate my own one!!! (I copied the picture on the packet-mix - ooops!)

He was a bit 'miffed' that he was the only one in the house without a crochet beanie and asked for a black one - who am I to argue!!! Here's the beanie in progress - it's in a bowl because I was using the wool 'doubled up' as I thought it would be too thin and lacey-looking otherwise - it turned out really thick and warm but a good fit so he was happy enough!

I'm almost finished my present-making list for Xmas, and I want to spend some time making my home looking nice and cosy and Christmassy - I ordered a little booklet from Amazon on 'bunting-making' - watch this space! You never know I might manage some Christmas bunting, but it's a long shot!!

Back to a four-day week this week (but there are noises about a strike at the office-job - are you allowed to stay at home and crochet during a strike??? - it doesn't sound very militant, he he!!) Bye for now :)


june at noon said...

Oh, don't believe it, crochet can be *very* militant. Maybe even more so if you do it *at* work. :)

Claire said...

Oh that bat bikkie looks sooo cute, I wouldn't want to eat it.....slightly worried about the 'fangs' though.....

Beanie love is taking over the household by the sound of it, maybe a little crocheted bat could find a home on the side of it.

Sometimes we find bats have come down the chimney during Summer and are inside the heater, they are teeny tiny little things.

I am pretty sure you can crochet at home during a strike, maybe a balaclava or something!!

Your bunting books sounds interesting Alison, look forward to seeing what you make from it.

Claire :}