Monday, 5 December 2011

Snowy scenes . . . and polka dots

We woke up to some beautiful snowy scenery this morning . . .

Let's hope it stays like this for Christmas - finger's crossed! :)

Sorry I've been a little absent of late - busy finishing off a couple of Christmas gifts - any left to make will be done at leisure now as they're for local family relatives, I'll be crocheting on Christmas Eve at this rate, hehe :) So many things I want to make at the moment - some will have to wait until after the festive season is over, when I'll be back to my usual office work schedule.

This weekend, I've been thinking about bunting, bunting and more bunting, after purchasing this little book from Amazon. A very cute little publication which has got me really inspired to make some of my own - I'm imagining my house covered in the stuff - great fun! To me, bunting sounds like Christmas decorations that you never have to take down - way hay!! :)

I've just sat down on the kitchen floor as I was going to take a pic of my shiny new oven to show you (strangely two days after I'd been on my work trip our old one died!!!???) However, I noticed that I was wearing my new polka dot socks with ribbons on them - I think they're probably more interesting than my new oven (much as I love it!!!) - socks aren't usually something I get excited about but . . .

. . . if you have to wear socks, I think you should make a statement, no??

As with EVERYTHING at the moment, I'm thinking I would love to CROCHET a pair of socks!!

Right now I'm 'dreaming of a white Christmas' . . . and some more crafting time!

Have a Happy Monday :)


Claire said...

Hey Alison, cute socks...........bit of polka dot love goin' on ehre too.

Love the snow pic, doesn't it look picture perfect. Might make life a little tricky getting about, but it is so pretty.

Looking forward to seeing the bunting, happy crocheting nad hope the snow hangs around for you,\.

Claire :}

Swirlyarts said...

Cute socks and I like your shoes too :) We've got a thin layer of snow that is very treacherous to walk on so the hiking boots are coming out!

Fruitful Fusion said...

I LOVE socks that make a statement!

Biba said...

Great socks!!! And the clogs too!!!

janet said...

Hello Alison,

LOVE the polka dot socks!!!! I am so jealous of your snow ;-<

Isn't being creative so very addictive?

janet xox

june at noon said...

Beautiful snow scene! We had a very early snow, in October, and haven't seen a flake since. Apparently the last year it snowed that early (1979), we didn't have snow again until after New Year's, so I'm not getting my hopes up, but I'd sure like a white Christmas too! :)