Saturday, 7 January 2012

Packages, Pressies and Plans for 2012

Hi Peeps - a Happy New Year to all in Blogland and beyond! We had a lovely, peaceful and restful break, pity about the awful weather but we've no control over that one unfortunately :/

Our 'postie' brought me a lovely package today all the way from Oz - it really cheered me up on a grey January afternoon - thanks so much Claire! I've been following Claire's blog all of this year - she always comes up with great new ideas and her blog is so lively and entertaining. I hope we'll meet up for lots of virtual 'tea and cake' this year Claire :D Here's the lovely package I received . . .

Just look at that cute 'chook' brooch - 'Little S' was eyeing it up but I was having none of it, hehe :) . . .

Sorry about the dark pics - they don't do Claire's work justice!

'Santa' was quite good to me this year and brought me Kirstie Allsopp's book - 'Craft'. She's not everyone's cup of tea but I can't help but be caught up in her sheer enthusiasm for everything 'crafty'! I think she gets a little bit of bad press for being a bit too 'jolly hockey sticks' but this book is a fantastic little compendium of a whole load of crafts from handmade paper to creating natural plant-dyes - I'm dying to get stuck into some of these projects. Thumbs up from me Kirstie! (jolly hockey sticks or not, hehe :))

I'm a little disappointed that I can't quite launch into an impressive list of my crafty plans for this year as my office working hours are still in a state of dissaray. I was very good in the hols though and tidied up my cashbook and did my online tax return (such as it was after very little 'business' activity in the last part of the year!). Anyhow, I'm now in a position just to wait and see what happens workwise and just enjoy my crafting for the sake of it - perhaps that's a good enough goal for 2012?

Will keep you posted once I'm 'tweedying' again - in the meantime I might make some handmade-paper just for fun (thanks Kirstie!)

Byeeee :)

Alison x


Fiona said...

Happy new year, Alison!

I like Kirstie too ... you cannot knock her enthusiasm and her ability to turn her hand to most things. I managed to watch her series "Kirstie's Handmade Britain' before Christmas and - whilst she is a bit annoying with her jolly hockey sticks approach - I applaud her attempt to popularise crafts again. Now, I didn't know she had a book out ... must go and investigate that one!

june at noon said...

Oooh, handmade paper! Sounds like, list or no, you've got plenty to do! :)

Sam Findlay said...

What a lovely parcel to get in the post! Oh I love Kirstie too!

janet said...

Hey Alison...Kirstie, not familiar with her...must go Google the name and see what she is all about.

Happy New Year to you!

janet xox