Thursday, 8 March 2012

my 'fishy' creative space . . .

I've got a little shoal of 'tweedie' fish all cut out and ready to sew . . .

Here's a pic of a finished one, with a little crochet washcloth behind it.

After making Mariana a little baby gift of crochet bibs, I had the idea of using the leftover cotton yarn to make a little washcloth with a hanging loop - I love using these gorgeous fondant colours. I just used a simple double crochet stitch to make this one and rounded the corners slightly by decreasing/increasing.

Don't think they'll get touched today tho - I'll be 'sleeping with the fishes' as they say in the Godfather movies, if I don't get some housework done today - oooops, hehe!! Best dash :)

Alison x

P.S. Joining in with 'our creative spaces' again today :)


Claire said...

Hey Alison you've certainly been making up for lost time haven't you?

Love your little tweedie fish and the washcloth looks great, nice Spring colours.

Hope you managed to get the housework done, boring job but essential!!

Have a great weekend,

Claire x

Biba said...

Sweet, I love your little fish!

Bron said...

Such sweet fish...pity about housework isn't it? x

june at noon said...

Cute! I have nothing but crocheted cloths in my kitchen, love them!