Sunday, 15 April 2012

What I did on my hols . . . .

Three whole weeks and no blogging . . . . I don't really know where to start! But it was a lovely break - I managed to do a little tidying done before any visitors arrived and get some 'tweedie' gadget sleeves (and a lovely bright yellow i-pad sleeve!) made too - yet to be photographed and listed tho!

I was sorely tempted to pop in and show you pics of the lovely little lambs next door - they are now cheekly little rascals, headbutting each other - aw, they grow up so fast, hehe :) Lots of crafting too, in between visits from family - what's not to like :) Here's a pictorial guide to the lot LOL . . .

. . . tweedie Kindle sleeves ready to sew and now ready to be sold, once I get them in the shop.

. . . cute lambs, growing fast!

Lots of crochet! . . .

. . . I relented, and treated my self to some new yarn - well, I had been working really hard, hehe!

One finished crochet panel (for something or other???) . . .

. . . and playing around with methods of joining my new granny squares (possibly to be used as a chair throw?) - I suddenly realised that after making a few of these, using 4 different colours of very cheaply bought chunky acrylic yarn, that I would have to think how to join them - I'm now thinking of edging them in black to make quite a dramatic throw . . .

. . . and just to finish off, a little bundle of embroidered Russian-doll softies for my craft fair next week, which I seem to be in denial about!

Ach, I'm going with the flow for this fair, I think. I'm going to turn up, set up, sit back and let it happen - or NOT!

All our visitors are now gone, and the boys are back in school on Monday - I feel suitably refreshed to continue with crafty stuff, actually I don't think I actually stopped, hehe - but it was mostly crafting for fun, apart from some serious 'gadget/laptop' sleeves (the bread and butter stuff!!)

I'll be back later in the week - normal blogging resumes - and shorter posts, you'll be glad to know - 'see' you soon :) Off to panic about my fair, eeeks!

P.S. Rereading my post makes me realise that it sounded like a very busy holiday - oooops!!! :) :) Well, it was a computer-free break and a school-free break, too - and very nice that was too! Hope you had (or are having) good Easter hols if you're in this part of the hemisphere!

Alison x


WendyCarole said...

Love the black edging.

Glad to hear you had a good break.

Biba said...

I'm sure you had a lovely time! I love your crochet and just how sweet are those Russian dolls?!

Enjoy your week :)

Florcita said...

when holidays are busy with fun stuff, they dont fill "busy, right?
Those grannys quares! youa re so tidy! Im horrible at counting and in crochet you kinda have to do some counting to get the rows straight, right?
Lovely stuff you've made and you had fun with family... what else can you ask?

june at noon said...

Looks like a pretty good holiday! I'm glad you got plenty of tweedying and other creating in, too.