Thursday, 20 December 2012

my creative space . . . . my last post this year!

Pheeeew, it's getting so close to the 'Big Day', I really must make this my last post . . . . where on earth did December go?  - it flew right past me without me noticing!!  I did mention that I had a little crafty project on the 'coal burner', but it really is a VERY little project, but one I keep meaning to try every Christmas and never have done before.  Still in progress, as I intend to play around a bit, and make some more of these . . .

As you  can seen the second orange doesn't even have any cloves in it yet - I'm still experimenting!  I love the smell of oranges and cloves and last year I bought a ready-made orange 'pomander' from the lovely craft unit at my college office job - it must have struck a chord because I decided to have a go myself.  I'm photographing them outside on a lovely frosty morning here : )

and hanging from a fir-tree in the garden . . .

I'm planning to try and make some table decorations with them, or perhaps a candle-feature - just a fun, easy thing to do in the last few days before Christmas.  Here's some of the links  I came across online to give some ideas on how to make them - of course the proper way to do them is a few weeks beforehand so they dry out properly - maybe next year ;-)

Easy to Make Christmas Decorations
The History of Pomanders
Orange and Clove Christmas Decorations
Hot to Make Orange and Clove Pomanders
Make it:  Orange and Clove Candle Holders

Well folks, I'm off to have a try at some 'orangey-clovey' decorations!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and fun New Year!  

Thanks to all for another bloggy fun-filled crafty year :) :)

I will 'see' you in 2013 - doesn't that sound weird!!!!

More crafty peeps here, sharing their wonderful 'makes' - MERRY CHRISTMAS/NOLLAIG CHRIDHEIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alison xx


Swirlyarts said...

Nollaig Chridheil! :D Have a good one!

Fiona said...

Happy Christmas, Alison!!

Alessandra said...

Buon Natale e Felice 2013!!!
love, xxxx Ale

fairislerona said...

Happy Christmas Alison - enjoy the Festive season with your family. Rona x