Thursday, 6 December 2012

My Creative Space . . . what's on my 'to-do' list today

Sorry for a very blurry pic today!  (it's very dark in the Hebrides today - oooooohhhhh!)    I'm hoping to stuff this 'tweedie' beach ball today  - it's been a WIP (work in progress) for longer than I care to remember :)  In between I'll be picking up my Van Gogh sock project - we're almost done, yippee!!  Once I started on them, well . . . I just couldn't stop hehe :)  I've really enjoyed my sock-knitting spree - these will be finished this weekend hopefully.  It's been taking me a couple of weeks on average to finish a pair, and I have to say that I love making them!  Can I now officially call myself a 'sock-knitter'?  

Sock-knitters seem to have a slightly separate identity from any other kind of knitters - I'm very eager to be invited into their world! (I think I'm bonkers enough LOL!)  I think what appeals to me most is the variety of colour, pattern, etc. you can play around with on one small garment - so much fun to be had :)  Must remember 'tweedie' work though - my lovely bloggie friend Mojca has given me a fab write-up over on her blog - how sweet is that?  Thankyou Mojca - too kind!!! :) :)

Must dash - things to stuff and things to knit - more creative peeps over yonder :)
Alison x


Claire said...

Yes, you are most definitely a sock knitter Alison.... they look great. The more you blog about socks the closer I am to knitting a pair. You'll be set for the Winter, with nice warm feet........

Claire x

Fiona said...

You're definitely a sock knitter! I've knitted for many years without ever attempting socks. One sock maybe OK ... but two matching ones ....?! I admire anyone who can produce two matching socks - and yours look fab!

Alessandra said...

Alison sock knitter : it sounds good!!!!
and what about your tweed beach ball??? Simply fantastic!!!
xxxx Alessandra

june at noon said...

I knew you'd have them almost finished by now! ;) You are definitely a sock knitter.

florcita said...

Sock knitters are different cos they understand sock knitting directions. I got lost after line 2. :D
Dark there... here too... it's the... 6 month lond winter thing ahahaha Hope you are warm!