Thursday, 29 November 2012

My creative space . . . a Crafty Gift idea tutorial/Fun project

A chance remark from eldest son prompted me to make this last week, in a moment of madness :)  . . . 

. . . a Harris Tweed 'softie' games console controller, of course!  The boys gave me some guidance on where to put the  buttons - I had a hoot making it :) :)

To make one you will need:
Paper to make a pattern template
Fabric of your choice
Soft polyester stuffing (or your choice of stuffing material)
Felt to make the console buttons
Needle and thread

Here's how I did it:
(1) To make your own fabric controller just draw around your kids console controller, adding 1/4 inch seam allowance all around to make a paper pattern (you can see mine in the background).
(2) After cutting out 2 pieces, place  right sides of fabric together, sew along seam allowance all around leaving an opening for stuffing.  (You can hand-sew or machine-sew whichever is preferable)
(3) Turn right way out and stuff firmly (use a pencil or something similar to get into the corners) - ladder stitch *or over-stitch the opening closed.  (Credit it to for the stitch tutorial!)
(4) Have some fun adding the buttons (glue or stitch) - simple!

*  This stitch is my preferred way of closing any plush/soft toy, etc. - it gives  a nice neat finish.

I glued, then stitched mine . . . 'belt and  braces' :)

Make more than one and they can throw them at each other when their 'real' ones run out of batteries, hehe :)  Could make for a quick Christmas gift idea, or a fun crafty project with your child?  Feel free to use this crafty idea for your own  personal use ;-)

I'm back on the sock-knitting wagon this week, yeah, yeah - I know, I wasn't going to rush this pair!, but I am really enjoying making them . . .

Sorry for the dark pic - the colours are a little faded here but they're really pretty in 'real life'!  I can watch TV, chat, wonder around the house while knitting a sock now -  a very portable project :)

We're on half term long weekend which is nice before the Christmas madness begins- see you in a few days :)
More creative peeps over this way!
Alison xx


Alessandra said...

you are great Alison! this tweed's simply wonderful! What a perfect gift idea for boys!!!!! I love even your throwing advice!!! ;oD
lovely work with the sock, too!!!
xxx Ale

Claire said...

Hey Alison, that Tweed games control is such a hoot,, it look great, I can see TV remote controls in Tweed as well....... good to have a 'spare' when you can't find the original.

The socks are knitting up beautifully, I think you've got the bug now!!

Enjoy your break........

Claire x

Mezz said...

you are awesome!!! love the fames consol, your son must think youa re one clever mumma.

mezz x

sister outlaws said...

This is brilliant!

june at noon said...

Ha! So funny!

The sock progress is looking fantastic!