Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Four weeks and counting . . . . yikes!

I can't believe it's only four weeks until Christmas - November has passed in a flash, whooooooosh! I'm trying to be organised a little earlier than usual this year - I'd love to have that time just to make a few mincemeat pies and some cute little handmade gifts to add to the pressies - but will it happen!!

Here's a couple of pics of last week's tweedie creations (a long awaited toiletries wallet) . . . 

I lined it with some waterproof fabric . . . 

It just sort of worked out how I wanted to, which doesn't always happen LOL, but . . .

It's it in the shop here :)

Talking of mincemeat pies, here are some pie tins I inherited earlier this year while sorting out some family belongings . . . 

I remember both of them being used from when I was very little - happy days!

It would be lovely to use them this year - however I did buy a jar of mincemeat last year and it sat in the fridge untouched well into January and beyond (ooops!)  I'll try harder this year :)

How are your plans for Christmas going?  Are you a last minute frantic shopper or a methodical, uber-organised type?  I quite like a little bit of last-minute shopping flutter - but only when I know it's for little fun items - I get the major ones out of the way first!

I got my copy of  Hundreds and Thousands last week - it was  nice to get a little package from Oz!

It's a cute little publication about all things handmade and you can buy your copy here.  Well done ladies - I hope you little magazine goes from strength to strength!  I might be trying that recipe for orange cake -  it looked  yummy!

Well, I'm off now . . . no time to waste!  Things to make and cakes to bake - would  be nice to spend all the time doing that, wouldn't it, hehe - dream on :) :)

Alison x


Claire said...

It is great when projects turn out the way you want. Love the toiletries bag Alison, it looks great and has your distinctive style.....:)
Those tins are wonderful, nice to have a little bit of family baking history in the cupboard. Hope you get to use them soon.
I got my copy of Hundreds and Thousands mag recently. Mezz and Taz have done a great job, love the idea of the childrens' vintage hanky bunting and how about that little cafe in the caravan......just gorgeous.
Lots happening at yours, hope you manage to get everything done in time.

Claire x

june at noon said...

I am normally pretty organized and head of the game. This year I am completely frantic. More things to do than the time I have for doing them, and I'm not even making much at all myself. How does this happen?! Deep breaths. Calm, blue ocean. :)