Thursday, 9 January 2014

Belated Happy New Year - ooops :)

Happy New Year or Bliadhna Mhath Ur (in Gaelic if you prefer!). Apologies for not being able to wish my blog readers a Merry Christmas but my laptop (or it's battery) decided to keel over and die just a couple of weeks before the festive season - Oh Dear!  Never mind - I hope everyone had a lovely festive season :) 

We had a lovely, lazy, time although eldest son was stuck on the mainland due to bad weather for a few days, the joys and perils of living on an island - but he got home eventually after a rather adventurous journey!  Hence our Christmas was spread over a few days - a good excuse for enjoying a second Christmas dinner, hehe!

I treated myself to a new knitty book for some relaxing 'chill out' time over the holiday break.  Once I'd got the yarn and the needles I was chomping at the bit to get started.  I'm now experimenting with two projects at the same time - well, January can be a bit of  boring month, so . . . 

. . . I'm getting well stuck in!

I've never really been a big fan of knitting scarves - but I'm enjoying practicing some new techniques - bobbles, cables, lace, twisted stitches - I'm on a learning curve - which is the general idea :)  Both of these scarves are supposed to measure 165 cm long when complete - not sure that they'll ever reach that length!  Perhaps next year's Chrsitmas pressies????

All the best for 2014 - may it be a productive, creative, adventurous - or whichever you hope for, year!

Alison xxx


Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

Hi my dear !!!!
Lovely to see you doing something different!!!! Never get bored!!!!!
xxxxxx ale

Biba said...

A very happy new year to you as well :)
You're making lovely scarves!

Sam Findlay said...

Happy New Year!
Your scarves look great, can't wait to see them finished!

june at noon said...

So glad you enjoyed your stretched-out holidays. Ours are always stretched out, with so very many family events and birthdays too--so much so that I start looking forward to January about halfway through! Love the knitting experiments, they look like fun!