Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Scarf progress . . . . or wish I'd made a cowl :)

Well, I've been embracing my scarf challenge - actually I think I've just set myself a challenge of finishing this one by the end of January - I should have made a cowl instead LOL . . . 

The tassely, triangular finishing was supposed to be, er, done at the end, of course . . . but I got a little bored and yesterday decided to do the edging just to see what it would look like.  (I know, it's a bit like reading the end of the book before you've started - ooops!) I'm pleased with the result though - it makes it look very funky and ornate I think.  Also increased the length so a good incentive to keep going!

I'm thinking I could possibly turn the other scarf into a cowl though if I get too bored to make it into a scarf . . .

. . .  I have some very nice leather buttons which I could add - it's a bit of an experimental idea :)

It's so cold here today that I could really have done with a chunky warm scarf, so I'd better get going with one or both of them!

Some 'tweedy' supplies are winging their way to me, so it would be nice to be up and running quite soon - a few ideas in the pot I'd definitely like to get going with.

Cheerio an Drasda :)
Alison xx


june at noon said...

Or you could look at it this way: What if you spent all the time making the scarf and then did the edging and realized you hated it? All that time wasted! This way you know the edging is good before you continue. ;) I think a cowl sounds great; those buttons would be perfect!

Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

love your scarf with tassels!!!!!
xxxxx Ale

Claire said...

Wow, Alison, your knitting skills are leaving me well behind. Your scarves will be put to good use when finished.
Always good to learn some new stitches, very effective too.
Happy New year to you, I can see it's going to be a very creative one.

From a very hot Oz, where scarves definitely aren't needed at the moment.

Claire Xx

fairislerona said...

Hey Alison, Happy New Year! Nice to see the knitting needles going. R x

Babajeza said...

The scarf is going to look amazing! I've just found you ... :-)