Thursday, 25 September 2014

Pancakes 'n slippers . . .

I've been a little absent of late - a shoulder ache had put a halt to my crochet projects and I  just took a complete break over the last week and a half (or two!).  I love my crochet but not enough to suffer aches and pains!  I'm still being cautious and it might be a sign to get the sewing machine out and do some real (tweedie) work, hehe :)

Youngest has been practicing his culinary skills and made some lovely pancakes last weekend (and this weekend!).  They were very yummy - although he did manage somehow to drop an egg yolk on the pavement outside the house first . . . . don't ask, hehe!!!  (em . . . we didn't use  that egg yolk just in case you are wondering!) . . . 

Prior to the shoulder ache/injury I was making these sweet little crochet slippers (another Mamachee pattern).  I added a little crochet rosebud to mine . . . .

I think they turned out really sweet :)

. . . they look quite dainty on, like Cinderella slippers! . . . . I'm thinking Christmas pressies here :)

Better think of getting the sewing machine out soon before I forget how to use it.  My poor tweed collection will be collecting dust - Oh Dear!

Cheerio an Drasda :)
Alison x


Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

I would love my boys preparing some good breakfast for me… but still a dream!!! ;oD
Your slippers are gorgeous!!!!!
I hope you will be free from your pain soon!!!!
take care, xxxxx Ale

Gaia said...

The slippers are lovely, and the rose adds more prettiness. I am inspired to try a pair too.
Hope you will feel better soon.

june at noon said...

Ooooh, sorry to hear about the aches. I hope they go away quickly--but maybe also that you get some "real" work done first, so you feel justified in picking up the crochet again. ;)